How To Expand The Range With The Tplink WiFi Repeater?

The tplink wifi is a wireless dual-band latest technology signal booster wifi range repeater that improves the existing wifi signal. It provides a better wifi network range as compared to the wifi router. This repeater is mostly used to extend the router’s wifi speed. Generally, the tplink wifi repeater supports the dual-band frequency and allows a speed of up to 1200 Mbps. It easily connects the existing router and then amplifies the wireless network speed. It has internal antennas that easily manage the wifi speed and delivers a smooth wifi signal in the whole home. This repeater is easily removed the router’s weak signal throughout the home.

The tplink repeater is compatible with the 802.11 b/g/n and 802.11ac Wi-Fi network devices. If you want to tplinkrepeater login then easily log in to the repeater with the tplink repeater IP address. It comes with the WiFi Range repeater, Ethernet Cable, Resource CD, Quick Installation Guide. On the top side has an LED indicator that helps to find out the optimal location to place the tplink repeater.

Simple ways expand the range with the Tplink wifi repeater

The tplink repeater provides a stable wifi network connection throughout the home, office, and apartments. If you want to expand the range with the tplink wifi repeater then you can follow some ways.

1.  Utilize dual-band technology

The tplink wifi repeater comes with dual-band technology. This technology provides the band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. If you want to enjoy a gaming console without any buffering, then you can use the tpink repeater. Because this repeater supports dual-band technology. Many other repeaters only support single-band technology. The 2.4 GHz band allows the speed up to 300 Mbps wireless speed. The 5GHz band allows the speed up to 867 Mbps wireless network speed. If you want high-speed wifi network connectivity then you can easily switch the 5 GHz band through the wireless setting

2. Move your wifi repeater

If you want to expand the range with the tplink repeater then you need to your extender is nearby the wifi router. Mostly repeater is used to extend the existing wifi router range. It takes the wifi signal from the existing router. Then its regenerates the signal, afterward, it provides an ultra-high-speed wifi network signal. But sometimes, the tplinkwifi repeater indicated red light that means the connection is poor, your extender is far away from the router. Then you can move your extender near the existing wifi router to expand the wifi signal.

3. Properly connection between the existing router and repeater

If you want to expand the range of the tplink wifi repeater, then you can make the connection between the router and repeater. If you think about how to make a proper connection between the router and repeater. With the WPS button, you easily make the connection. Press the repeater’s WPS button for a few seconds. Afterward, press the router’s WPS button. Noe, you can check the LED signal indicator, if the indicator is green that means the connection is successful.

4. Firmware update of the tplink wifi repeater

If you want to expand the range of the tplink repeater then you need to check the firmware version. If you use the old firmware version then your repeater does not provide a stable wifi network signal. Then you can check the firmware version and if you use the old version then you can update it. For this open the preferred web browser and then log in to the extender with its IP address, username, and password. After login into the account, you can navigate the “administrative” setting and choose the option “firmware update”. Afterward, click the option “browse” and upload the download firmware file. Eventually, click the section “upgrade” and tp link firmware upgrade process is running.

Final words

The tplink wifi repeater provides the ultimate wifi network range in the whole home. This repeater is easily connected to any wifi router with the WPS button. This repeater is top side a WPS button backside power, reset button. You can easily reset the repeater while utilizing the reset button. Thus, the tplink repeater is used to expand the existing wifi router range with its first-class wifi network speed.

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