What is love? Russian classics know!

What is love? There is no clear-cut answer to this complex, philosophical question even in today’s world. 

Probably, this state of people’s minds has no universal description – because every person defines it differently and individually. In the vocabulary on the Web, the following definition can be found, “Love is a strong feeling of being captivated by someone; overwhelming, feeling-based affection for a special one.” But, in addition, this sensation can also be based on spiritual attraction, for example, and does not always have to be physical.

Those freshly in love – often speak of the well-known butterflies in their stomachs. No wonder: in the initial phase of the relationship, lovebirds feel the excitement all the time. When they meet – their bodies release more dopamine than usual. And it is also known as the happiness hormone. This stage, however, lasts differently for each couple but is usually over after a year of romance. At this time, from the initial fondness, develop true love. This involves the feeling of a deep bond with the partner and mutual respect. It is reinforced by the rise in the hormone oxytocin.

But enough about the scientific part of being in love! Today, we want to focus our attention on the emotional side of this state. And who could have found a better explanation of adoration than classics? Due to the fact, you want to get a Russian bride – the authors must be from her homeland! So, meet the best quotes and remarks of writers and philosophers from Russia.

  • Leo Tolstoy once said that love is the most priceless gift. But, at the same time, it’s the only thing you can give and still have it inside your soul.
  • People are odd. No one is brave enough to make the first step because everyone thinks his feelings are not mutual. Do you agree with the words of Fyodor Dostoevsky?
  • According to Mikhail Bulgakov, the one who genuinely loves needs to share the fate of his special one.
  • Loving is just like swimming. Either you dive right into it, or don’t go in the water at all. If you are planning only to slowly walk along the shore – then you will solely get sprayed with its drops. That’s exactly what Sergei Yesenin had always thought.
  • Mikhail Lermontov was sure a person who truly needs you will always find a way to be together with you.
  • Ivan Goncharov, the Russian novelist, had a curious position about love. He considered one thing. Men are stupid because they feel ashamed of their feelings. This reflection of the ego is simply false. They should rather be embarrassed by their way of thinking since it doesn’t do any good.
  • If someone offers you friendship instead of love – accept it without further deliberations (in case you want to follow the advice of Nikolai Gogol).
  • I love your white dress, notwithstanding I don’t adore you anymore… We hope your experience won’t be as sad as Alexander Blok’s.
  • Maxim Gorky had a belief, it’s better to love someone inapproachable. The reason for it is apparent – you literally grow when you try to become equal with this person.
  • Denis Fonvizin was certain in his statements. He warned women from giving their men love that seems to be a friendship instead. Much more promising is the opposite approach.
  • It’s hard to argue with Bella Akhmadulina and her famous quote. She is sure – the ability to love someone and sympathize with this person is a great skill of a talented man. In her opinion, all clumsy creatures are mean and incapable of such an amazing feeling.