Is a Wireless Dog Fence For You?

People want to prevent their dogs from running off, so they’ll put fences on their land to keep their dogs safe. However, some people like to use wireless fences, so they don’t have to build a fence, but they can still prevent their dogs from running off. We sat down with dog expert Dave Miller of Cozy Crates for pointers on whether a wireless dog fence would be good for you and your dog. Read on to learn the factors you need to consider before getting one.

You Don’t Have a Fence

Many people have fences around their houses to mark their property, so they know they can use it without any issues. However, if you own a large plot of land, a fence might not be the ideal option for your situation. If you want to let your dog outside with minimal issues, you should consider getting a wireless dog fence to meet your needs.

Even if you have a backyard fence, you may want a wireless dog fence for your front yard. That way, you can let your dog go in the front yard without worrying about him or her running toward the road. In short, if your entire house doesn’t have a fence around it, you can use the wireless dog fence to keep your furry friend safe.

You Have a Dog Door

Some people have dog doors on their front or back doors, so their dogs can go outside whenever they feel like it. However, you may worry about your dog running off or getting in trouble if you have a dog door. If you want to rest easy knowing your dog can’t run off into dangerous situations, you should consider a wireless dog fence.

On top of that, dogs get used to having easy access to the yard if you have a dog door available to them. This means they may bolt outside the second they hear a noise or something that interests them, so you must keep this in mind as you decide to put in a dog fence. That way, you can give your dog the freedom to leave without heading to the road or other dangerous places.

Your Dog Tends to Run Off

Some dogs do a good job of listening to their owners, but others tend to get distracted easily. If you notice your dog gets distracted and runs off, you may want a fence to stop this behavior from happening. Even if you do have a fence, some dogs can jump over them or dig holes if they want to run off and escape the yard.

However, you can try and train your dog first, but you must realize some dogs do a better job of listening than others. This is because some dogs will become distracted and ignore you once they set their sights on something. This means a wireless dog fence might be the best way to prevent your dog from running somewhere without your approval.

Your Dog Uses the Bathroom Outside

While some dog owners have bathroom pads for their dogs inside, many of them have their dogs use the bathroom outdoors. This can include using the bathroom during walks or letting your dog out to go to the bathroom. If you plan to make bathroom going easier for you and your dog, you could install a wireless fence.

Getting a wireless fence means you can open the door, let your dog use the bathroom, and not worry about him or her running off. This makes it great since you can make things easier for yourself while also focusing on your dog’s safety. On top of that, you can let other dogs visit your dog without worrying about your furry friend running off.

You Have an Outdoor Dog

While some people let their dogs stay in the house throughout the day, others may prefer to have their dogs live outside. This depends on the type of dog and what makes them more comfortable, so if your dog stays outside, you may want a wireless dog fence. That way, you can prevent your dog from running off or going somewhere he or she shouldn’t.

Not only will this help you keep your dog on the property, but you can also create boundaries for different parts of the land. For example, you may not want your dog near a garden, so you could block it off with the wireless fence. You can do this with any area you want to prevent your dog from reaching, so you should plan accordingly if you want to get a fence.

You Have Farmland

On top of having outdoor dogs, some will have their dogs work on their farmland. For example, they may own sheep and have the dog herd the sheep to different places, so a wireless dog fence could be useful in these areas. That way, your dog can send the sheep to the right places without any concerns of your furry friend running off somewhere he or she shouldn’t.

Since farmland can expand over many acres, you can give your dog some freedom to run around while keeping him or her on your property. On top of that, if you don’t want your dog going to certain parts of the farmland, you can organize the fence accordingly. You have lots of flexibility when it comes to making the boundaries, so you can figure out the best layout to keep your dog safe and on your property.


Wireless dog fences stand out since they can prevent your dog from running off and getting in dangerous situations. If you or your dog falls into any of the categories above, you should consider getting a wireless dog fence. Doing so will allow you to let your dog out of the house while also preventing him or her from leaving the yard.