Where to Go in Yogyakarta? Check Out These 10 Places!

Want a short but memorable vacation? We suggest Yogyakarta as your destination. But, where to go in Yogyakarta? The answer is, there are many, because this city has a variety of stunning destinations ranging from themed nature, history, and Indonesia festival venues, to super-instagenic contemporary destinations.

Places to Visit in Yogyakarta

1. Kaliadem

Want a breathtaking photo with the background of Mount Merapi? Then going to Kaliadem is the answer. The air is cool and fresh, perfect for relaxing.

2. Ullen Sentalu

This old destination has been popular for a long time because it offers a unique view of old buildings and contains many legendary artworks from the past. There are also some historical objects from the Mataram Kingdom.

3. Taman Pelangi (Rainbow Garden)

If you are not quite interested in history, you can visit a modern place filled with colorful lanterns at night. The name is Taman Pelangi, located in the north of Yogyakarta.

4. Kulon Progo Mangrove

Want a super cool and fresh place? Then come to the Kulon Progo Mangrove, especially in the afternoon. This place offers stunning sunset views and is guaranteed to be outstanding as a photo background.

5. HeHa Ocean View

This place is located on the seaside cliffs of Gunung Kidul. The contours of the land are terraced and offer stunning views of the south coast. Many instagrammable photo spots exist, including on the glass bridge above the sea.

6. Tumpeng Menoreh

Hanging out above the height of Tumpeng Menoreh can be another interesting option when in Jogja. This place offers the natural beauty of Gelangprojo along with sunrise and sunset. You can sit back and relax on the nets while enjoying a cup of coffee and fresh air.

7. Yogyakarta Cultural Park

If you are looking for culinary delights while in Jogja, you can come to Yogyakarta Cultural Park during the Indonesia festival called “Pasar Kangen,” which is usually held in July-August. In addition to various special menus, this festival is filled with multiple toys and accessories that can be used as souvenirs.

8. Glampong Nature Studio

Coming to Glampong Nature Studio will feel like being in the royal era. This was originally a shooting location for the film Sultan Agung the Untold Story, set in the 16th century. Explore every corner, and you will be amazed by the various replicas of the kingdom. It is also complete with the nuances of the old village, and there is even a Batavia fort.

9. Pallatina Glamping

Pallatina Glamping is the most fabulous location for luxury camping with the dashing Prambanan backdrop. Although in nature, you can still sleep on a comfortable mattress, there is a flat-screen TV and even air conditioning. This place’s view of the morning sun is among the most beautiful.

10. Panguk Kediwung Hill

If you want to welcome the morning sun from a height, you can come to Bukit Panguk Kediwung. This place has boats and horses flying above the clouds. There is also a viewing post and an overpass with views of the expanse of clouds.

It’s no wonder that Jogja is touted as one of the notable cities that can give you many beautiful memories. This city does offer many interesting places from the south to the north that can be your vacation destinations.