How to Propagate Default Route in RIP

We can advertise a default route using RIP. The route propagation is useful when there is a single exit point in the network to reach the internet or any other service. The default-information originate command in the router configuration mode allow default static route advertisement. So we need to configure the router with the default-information originate command.

How to Propagate Default Route in RIP 3

Refer to Figure 1. In this topology, Router0 is a single way to the webserver. So, all that is required for Router0 to reach the webserver is a default static route going out of the FastEthernet 0/1 interface. Similar default static routes also required on Router1 and Router2, so it is much easy to configure a static default route on edge router (Router0 in this topology) and then Router0 propagate it to all other routers using RIP. To provide web connectivity to all other networks in the RIP routing domain; the default static route also needs to advertise to all other routers that use the dynamic routing protocol. To propagate a default route, the Router0 must be configured with:

  • Router0>enable
  • Router0#config terminal
  • Router0(config)#ip route FastEthernet
  • Router0(config#router rip
  • Router(config-router)#network
  • Router(config-router)#network
  • Router(config-router)#default-information originate
  • Router(config-router)do wr

The default-information originate command propagate the static default route in RIP updates. Router0 now has a Gateway of Last Resort and default route installed in its routing table. Now configure a RIP (Routing Information Protocol) on Router1 and Router2 that will propagate the default static route to Router1 and also to Router2. We can verify the default static route on the routing table of Router1 and Router2 using the show ip route command. If we check the routing table of Router1 and Router2 it will display a default static route and also the gateway of last resort but when we check the show startup-config there will no default route configure in the startup configuration file.