Indoor Recumbent Bike Exercise and Running: The Expert Opinion

Both running and indoor exercise independently have massive health benefit. Both are great form of exercise style in burning fat, calories and building muscles.

Both workouts are different from each other which could divert you towards one after another. In the same way, both forms of exercise have their disadvantages also. Let’s dig down some more.


Running is basically a form of a full-body workout. When you are jogging, your arms are swinging along with your feet and legs and these movements creating motion on your shoulders, abdominal and other parts of the body.

You don’t require no other equipments rather clothing and good shoes to running on roads. It will strengthen the bones and skeleton structure.

Recumbent Bike and Running

Exercising in bike:

It also called low impacted workouts as your feet, knees, hips and lower back will have more impact due to the exercise. Riding this machine will require more skills as you have to learn the balancing procedure.

The machine designed in such a way that you have to seat a little lower towards the ground and your legs will be infront of you rather normal sitting position.

These workouts will require additional equipment as recumbent exercise bike. They are useful in reducing weight and strengthening the cardio vascular workouts.

Though these are very important practice, they will bring different results according to their usage criteria.

Exercising in bike

If you want quick fitness:

A Recumbent exercise bike will start affecting slowly just like a school. Your strength will increase gradually thus you have to keep doing it longer to get better results. At the beginning of the training, you can keep doing this exercise for a long time.

But while you are jogging, you are putting maximum pressure to your feet and legs to keep you move. At the very first time it hurts and you will not be able to keep doing it continuously for long time. Imagine at first week you are running for 2 hours continuously without break. Will you be able to do it???

Building strong and tone muscle:

Exercising in bike will have impact in gluteus muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, tibialis anterior muscles and more importantly the abdominal muscles.

Jogging will only increase your stamina rather increase your body muscles. A simple question will tell the story. Have you seen “‎Sylvester Stallone” for jogging to build his beautiful strong muscles?

If you want to burn your calorie:

When you are doing workouts at bike, you are engaging your lower intensities which will burn your calorie a bit slower because calorie burn requires high intensity workouts. But if you can keep doing these exercises for long time, burning will increase too.

Besides while you are jogging, you are naturally including all your body parts moving and this high intensity exercise will burn your fat more fast than other exercise.

Frequency and risk:

You can run an exercise bike almost every day with lots of passion and energy. You daily can ride 30 to 75 minutes easily or even at a time. The risk of falling from the bike is almost zero thus it is almost risk free.

But keep running with shoes on the roads will be so tough to continue daily. You might require giving a break after few days. Running on road carelessly can cause you injury.

At last, both are great in delivering very unique benefits and your final goal will drive you towards jogging or indoor exercise.