Web Development Services in Pakistan to Design a Responsive Website

Setting up and running a business is very hard task. There are so many factors that contribute to making your business successful and profitable. The website is one of them and is so important that you can’t think of a commercial venture without thinking about a website.

Web Development

A website is representative of your business and in today’s digital world, the competition is cutthroat. Your website should be modern and impressive to make sure visitors stay there for a longer time as this will help to promote your site.

That was just a basic idea of the importance of a website for any kind of business whether online or offline. Now let’s talk about how you can have a good quality website? The answer is quite simple. Hire professional web development services in Pakistan to beat the competition.

Your website should be fresh and the design should be responsive, and the web development services can create this.

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website means your website can adapt to all the screen sizes like mobiles, desktop, laptop, etc. It should be compatible with any device and allow the user to access your website on any kind of screen available without facing any problem.

As we are living in a fast-paced era, everyone has a lack of time. More than half of the searches are done through mobile phones as they are easily accessible anytime anywhere. So your website should have a mobile-friendly design to have more audience.

This is a quick overview of what a responsive design is. Now let’s talk about the importance of a responsive web design.

Importance of Responsive Website

According to Statista, the percentage of global website traffic generated by mobile phones is 50.81%. This is a huge number. That means if your site is not responsive, you will lose all the potential visitors.

People are so busy today and they don’t have enough time to access laptops and computers to search for anything they want. They use handy devices, to be more specific mobile phones, to search. So a badly designed website will leave a bad impact and the user will move to another attractive website within seconds.

Elements for Responsive Design

Some elements are necessary for a responsive web design to provide a good user experience and help you rank your site in the search engine that will eventually boost your sales.

Here are some elements which are essential for a responsive website.

  • Flexibility

The theme, layout, and scales of your website should be flexible to any kind of device. The images should be scaled according to the size of the screen. Similarly, the theme of your website should be attractive as it leaves a great impact on the user and the layout should be flexible and dynamic to resize easily into any width.

  • Accessibility

Accessibility is another important factor that means your website should be easily accessible from any screen size, whether big or small. Another key point is your menu, services, prices, and contact information should be prominent and easily reachable by the potential customer despite the fact which screen size he is using.

  • Fluid grid

Designing a website in a fluid grid that automatically resizes according to the screen size is a significant factor. This could be a little tricky so it’s better to hire the best web development services in Pakistan to ensure quality.

A fluid grid sizes the elements of your site proportionally as a substitute of making them one specific size. The proportions depend on the size of the screen and the elements are divided into columns, with adjustable scales of width and height.

  • Whitespace

As said, “Less is always more”. Your website should be designed according to this principle, having the proper and essential space between the elements. It allows the screen to breathe and avoid saturation on the screen which can distract the user’s attention.

The minimalist website attracts users and increases engagement. So a responsive website must have white space or negative space.

  • SEO

SEO means search engine optimization. SEO helps your site to rank in the search engines according to keywords. To ensure SEO on your website, always get it designed by professional web development services in Pakistan.