Introduction of gamer to Dlink extender device

Here is the all details about the dlink extender. We can’t do a single thing online if we don’t have a stable internet connection. So, it is important to have the best internet gadgets. We can make an advantage over others in competitive gaming and streaming if we have a stable internet connection. I have been playing Fortnite for the past 1 year. It is one of the best battle royale game with several game modes. It requires better processing speed and a lot of power. The internet speed has a huge effect on our chance to win the game. Also, good internet speed is essential for attending online classes.

I have a good router in my house. But, there are so many problems with it. The issues are mainly related to the range and stability of the Internet. It will work very well If I am directly in front of the router. But, the Internet speed will start to decrease, if I move to another room. Besides, there is an apparent lag that prevents my gameplay.

I wished to become a professional gamer, but these problems have deterred me from achieving my dream. Also, I have a hobby of watching plenty of Netflix and YouTube content. But, I am not able to sit in front of my router always. Because it was inconvenient. I wished to increase my range. So, I decided to purchase a dlink extender.

Features of dlink extender

It was surprisingly strong. It boosted my signal. I have dlink extender plugged in at approximately the furthest place from my router. But, it still shows 2-3 lights for the signal strength and provides me the boost I required for even that last small part of my home. Also, I have noticed a thing, the extender will get warm, even if it is not in use. I contacted customer service at D-Link extender to know the information about this before purchasing. I got a good experience from them.

I liked it a lot. Also, It was easy to install. There is a setup link exclusively for dlink devices. Dlinkap.local will redirect you to an IP address If you wanted to log in or configure to any Dlink Wireless Booster or Dlink extender, you are able to use http://dlinkap.local or dlinkap.local as the default web address.

Setting up the extender

Dlink extender

D-Link wifi extender setup is an easy process. We can configure the D-Link extender either through the WPS method or via a web browser. You are able to select any of the following methods. Accordingly, dlinkap.local is considered as the default URL for setting up your D-Link range extender. Sometimes, there is a chance to fail to access the dlinkap.local. At that time, you are able to connect to the D-Link extender setup utilizing the default IP address.

For setting up a Dlink extender through the WPS method, you need to place the Dlink extender in the same room as the existing router. After that, you should plug the extender into an electrical source. After one minute, press the WPS button on the Wi-Fi router. After that, You need to wait for the LED to turn green. It will turn solid green if the connection is established between the router and D-link extender. Then, you can unplug the D-Link extender and you can place it in your desired place.

Browser Setup

For setting up the D-Link extender through a Web-browser, you need to connect the dlink extender to the computer by using an Ethernet cable. Then, open the wireless utility on your computer and choose the name of your device network. Then, enter the password. After that, you need to open a browser on your computer and type the default web address dlinkap.local of the D-Link extender. Also, you are able to utilize the IP address of the extender i.e. Enter the default login credentials of D-link on the login page, and click ‘Login’.

Then, you will reach a configuration page. Click the ‘Setup’ tab on that page. A d-link wifi extender setup wizard will launch. After that, you need to follow the online instructions. You can configure the security and wireless settings for the d-link device. Then, click on the ‘Finish’ tab to complete the setup process. After completing, you should reboot the D-link extender.

Dlink extender Trouble shooting

There is a chance to face some problems during the D-link wifi extender setup process. To solve these problems, you need to perform a reset process. It is not difficult to reset the Dlink extender. But, it has severe impacts. A simple reset is able to remove all the configurations and settings. You should ensure the Dlink wifi extender is on, before performing the reset process.

If you plug out the repeater during the process, it will make damage the D-Link device. You can find the Reset button on the back panel of the d-link repeater. Then, press and hold the ‘Reset’ button. You should release the button if the LED on the repeater lights up. After reset, it will restart automatically. You should configure your Dlink extender once again after the reset. For more details visit