Wi-Fi Routers have taken a long time to catch up to the polish. Routers from all the other companies are reasonably easy to setup if you just drop down your router and be done with it but if you want good connectivity across the whole house it becomes a different story. That’s where the eero (world’s first whole home wi-fi system) comes in hand. Here we are talk about eero whole wi-fi system for our home.

In recent times, as during this pandemic, most of us have been locked inside our houses for what seems an eternity. So, in addition to just classes, I also have to show presentations in college only online. My mom has to addend to her clients and provide online consultations to them. Now that requires a good internet connection and I was in search of a home Wi-Fi system. That’s when I held my hands on eero.

I was a bit worried if this would actually solve my problem or my investment would actually end up into a bigger loss. After I got the eero, I needed to download the eero login app and set my email address and phone number to create an account. A verification code came to my mail address. The bonus point was that I didn’t need to remember another password!

Setting up my eero whole wi-fi system

Next, I had to proceed with the eero setup. At first, I thought it was a complicated process but then as I started following the processes, things started going smoothly. The eero app guided me throughout the entire process.
However I was worried if I could connect all my devices to the eero app or not, but I was really amused to see that once I completed the entire eero setup process, entered my network name (SSID) and network password. As soon as I did that the other devices in my home started to search for the eero network and once I entered the password the other devices also started to join the eero network!


At present, I have about six to seven devices connected to the eero network, and it works smoothly as always. At first, I used to keep my eero device near the television but then later when I googled about this stuff I realized that it is better to keep the eero device away from all the metal devices and electronics as they block the Wi-Fi signals.

Compensation and damage assessment of the eero system

Sometimes problems did occur while connecting eero whole wi-fi system to the eero setup and I tried disconnecting and again reconnecting Wi-Fi on the device but that too did not work. Lastly, I rebooted the entire device and again tried reconnecting the network once the power was back and finally it did connect! It is usually advisable to get the credentials verified, both the phone number and also the email address. However one just needs any one of the log-in credentials to get access to the eero login app.

Henceforth I never needed a password to log-in to my eero app. eero whole wi-fi system login has been by far the easiest process. Each time I had to login to my eero account, a verification code/ slip was sent to my email address (later I changed it to my phone number so henceforth the verification code was sent in my mobile number). Plus point is that you can also get the password of your Wi-Fi once you open the eero app. Keep in mind that the iOS version and the android version have different ways to get you to your Wi-Fi password. One can also change their Wi-Fi password from there.

Logging to the eero Wi-Fi router

Logging to the eero whole wi-fi system router (eero Wi-Fi login) is pretty simple as well. All I had to do is open my web browser and search for the IP address

Next, I had to enter my user name and the password of my eero router and I am signed in. So for that, I had to keep my default credentials all ready Sometimes the erro router may only take the default password and let you access their console for the very first time. Now you need to set your own username and password for the eero whole wi-fi system router after logging in to the council.

Finally, I can assure you that now life has been a bit easier and connecting to work on the internet easier. Eero comes with a warranty of one year on certain parts and support can be easily grabbed when required from their website. Not to mention, it comes with multi-layers of security.

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