11 Top Attractions in the Goa Region

Goa stands in direct contrast with other vibrant urban destinations in India with golden beaches, intertwined palm trees that touch the sky, and a comfortable atmosphere. Even a brief visit to this paradise on the beach feels like a holiday. The beauty and serenity of Goa will make you rejuvenate and offer many things to do in your spare time through its comprehensive calendar of events and activities.


See our list of top-class tourist attractions for more ideas to help you plan your journey to Goa Tour.

1. Popular Beaches

Strands play a key role among Goa’s sights, making it one of India’s best places to visit.

Almost every tourist visiting the area can spend a day at Palolem Beach, a white crescent stretch of sand overlooking the Arab Sea in south Goa. Although only panoramic views are a perfect way of exploring this lovely place, Palolem Beach offers a range of activities to fill your time. Choose from kayaking, yoga, dolphin tours, and swimming. You can also spend the night in the rustic cocoa huts constructed at the beginning of the high season of Palolem.

2. Beaches Off the Beaten Path

The famous beaches in Goa, known for their spectacular scenery and crowded during the high season, make some travelers search for a more natural escape. Fortunately, the goa is surrounded by undiscovered places to watch the sand and the waves, which give you a little distance from the visitors.

Butterfly Beach is one of the best-hidden gems in Goa. It has a curved sandy area flanked by rocks, forming a postcard valley, full of butterflies and flowerings. It’s also a wonderful place for dolphins to swim from afar.

3. Tanshikar’s Working Spice Farm

The abundance of spices, such as black pepper, cardamom, and cloves has been known to South America for decades. Actually, these natural aromas were a big appeal to Portuguese merchants who came to Goa centuries ago.

Tourists can see more about the spice scene from the Tanshikara Spice Work Farm and the ecological restaurant. Seven different spices develop in this agriturismo attraction: pepper, vanilla, musts, turmeric, cardamom, and chili, utilizing organic farming methods altogether.

4. Portuguese-Indian Restaurants

Food is Goa’s greatest draw. This part of India mixes Portuguese and Goan tastes and separates it from all other foodstuffs in India. Wait for fiery aromas, new fished maritime food, and plenty of coconut in the dishes.

Without trying his signature dish, vindaloo, a really warm meat curry made with palm vinegar and dried red chili pepper, you can’t leave Goa. Hospedaria Venite wows visitors with its wind-flowing vindaloo in the capital of Goa, Panaji. The main room for vindaloo is Dominick, the Benaulim Shore, and provides world-class front-row seats.

5. Basilica de Bom Jesus

Though many visitors go to the beaches in Goa, countless others see the journey as a pilgrimage to major places such as the basilica of Bom Jesus.

It was built at the end of the 16th century and contains the remains of St. Francis Xavier. The Apostle of India co-founded the religious Order of the Society of Jesus with friend San Ignatius Loyola. Since 1999, the basilica is a UNESCO World Historical Site.

6. Dudhsagar Falls

Water adventures stretch beyond Goa beach. Dudhsagar Falls, a majestic waterfall of four tiers, overlooks the earth about 310 meters. It is one of the tallest cascades in India and a constantly popular sight for day trips across Goa and Karnataka.

You will have to go to Colem by taxi or train to reach the drop. You can see Dudhsagar Falls on the way, depending upon which train route you take. You will then get on a popular jeep, passing Devil’s canyon along the way through the jungle. You will cross some boulders about 45 minutes later to hit the droppings at long last.

7. Anjuna Market

Goa is home to a hundred markets, but there is no market in Anjuna that offers liveliness or variety of items. For about 50 years, on Anjuna beach, hundreds of suppliers set up shops to lure freelance travelers with hippies-inspired drinks and souvenirs every Wednesday.

Ornate fabrics, woven bikini, deity-style sculptures, dreamcatchers, hammocks, magnets, slogan t-shirts, joys, toys – you call it you probably can shop it here. here.

8. Church of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady

Make your way to Panaji, the laid-back place, to visit another historic church of Goa: Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church.

The flawless white church, dating back to the beginning of the XVIIth century, stands on a zigzagging staircase identical to the stages of a marriage cake. The Portuguese Baroque architecture is perfectly symmetrical to see. Twinkle lights make the church look like a fairy tale at night.

9. Braganza House

Braganza House, a historical mansion that flanks Chandor’s square, looks like houses in Goa in the 17th century. It is split into an east and west wing, both of which can be played by visitors.

Members of the Pereira-Braganza family remain in the east wing. It boasts a large ballroom with an imposing marble floor and a small chapel featuring one of the fingernails of St. Francis Xavier. The Braganza House portion is also full of antiques and foreign pieces.

10. Mahadev Temple

Just 12 km north of Molem, Mahadev Temple offers visitors an opportunity to see a building that has existed since the 12th century. Its remote position enabled the Portuguese and Muslim colonialists to endure centuries of conquest. Legend has it that there is a resident king cobra in the black basalt temple which was designed to honor Lord Shiva. Move into the room to see artisan carvers’ extensive work including the lotus flora on the ceiling.