The Maldives for honeymoon 13 Best Islands

The Maldives has known itself as one of the exotic honeymoons and for a good reason, a destination comprising 26 oval-shaped atolls and over 1,000 coral islands. The destination has a large number of private islands, particularly designed to cater to those who want a romantic holiday. And newlyweds around the world opt for a honeymoon on one or more of Maldives’ finest islands. Although the Maldives are not as large as other honeymoons in Asia, the desperate romanticizers are never disappointed.


And it’s deserving of its spectacular beaches of white sand, turquoise lagoons, stunning corals, and trendy villas over water. The landscapes of the Maldives align with our dream honeymoon spot. This is where newlyweds will take advantage of the privileges of all the luxurious comforts and privacy of the vibrant modern cities.

1. Male Island: Best Island In Maldives

For all those luxury couples, Male is the best Maldivian island for a honeymoon. It’s on this island that you’ll find Maldives’ largest international airport and hopefully, you’ll visit it at the start or at the end of the luncheon in the Maldives. While it is frequently rejected as a destination with few sightseeing opportunities, it should not be missed. Since you feel the true culture of the Maldives here and is the best island to stay for sunset in the Maldives.

2. Hulhumale Island: Artificial Island

Culture is a reclaimed artificial island, situated in the very vicinity of the Maldivian capital, which was intended to decongest the population of Male. It may not be the most beautiful spot, but its beautiful coastline and the lack of tourists make the honeymoon on the Maldives a convenient choice. It’s one of the best Maldives honeymoon islands.

3. Biyadhoo Island: Serene Honeymoon

Biyadhoo is one of the popular islands in the southern Atoll, where the honeymoon is for couples who schedule a peaceful luncheon. It has plenty of growth in vegetation, including bananas, cocoa, mangoes, cucumbers, cod, and tomatoes. However, Biyadhoo Island is so famous in the Maldives due to its sparkling waters and a wide variety of watersports.

4. Fihalhohi Island: Beauty And Romance

The honeymoon is one of the most beautiful locations on the Maldives for holidaymakers in the Kaafu Atoll of South Mal. In reality, Fihalhohi Island Resort is one of most romantic resorts with many overwater bungalows.

Best experiences: The Fihalhohi Island Resort offers a splendid option as well as its well-appointed overwater properties, Palm Groove, Aeolus Dive Centre, and Anggerik Spa. And the unconfined beaches on the island are very romantic, shaded by coconut palm trees.

5. Maafushi Island: Splendid Resorts

The Maafushi Island in the Maldives is another tropical paradise at the Kaafu South-Mal atoll. The island is among the best places to visit for a honeymoon thanks to its sparkling ocean waters, magnificent resorts, and exciting activities. It is the capital of the Medhu Uthuru province of Maldivian being proposed. Maafushi is the only island in this country that is home to so many guest houses that it is one of Maldives’ best islands. It was forbidden previously to open guesthouses on inhabited islands, but permitted as a measure to promote tourism. Maafushi has been one of the leading islands of this country over the years.

6. Alimatha Island: Eastern Edge Of Maldives

On the eastern edge of the Maldives, Alimatha Island, located on the Vaavu Atoll, is one of the best honeymoon islands on this country. It is one of the best honeymoon islands in this country, thanks to crystal clear seas, sun-kissed beaches, water-marine lagoons, and spa centers. In addition to the wide variety of watersport events, the Alimatha Aquatic Resort provides excellent accommodation options for beach and overwater resorts on the island.

7. Veligandu Island: Shimmering Waters

The Veligandu Island is another significant name in the list of the best lunar islands in the Maldives. The green and dazzling sea in North Ari Atoll adds a calm atmosphere for the romantic destination. Situated in the North Ari Atoll.

8. Nalaguraidhoo Island: Natural Beauty

The main attraction of the South Ari Atoll on the Maldives is Nalaguraidhoo island. Its scenery and natural beauty make the island famous. And the island’s Sun Island Resort & Spa ensures that honeymooners have a romantic time.

9. Vaadhoo Island: Mystical Surprise

Vaadhoo is an inhabited island in the Maldives’ Raa Atoll, which gives honeymooners exclusive experiences. Nighttime bio luminosity is no less than a mystic threat to tourists in the waters surrounding the island.

10. Villingili Resort Island: Honeymooner’s Delight

The Island & Spa is the perfect island to linger in the honeymoon on the Maldives. The resort offers luxury resorts, white, sandy beaches, an infinity swimming pool, and a spa in Addu Atoll.

11. Milaidhoo: Tropical Island

Milaidhoo Island is a tropical island with plenty of greenery and picturesque views and is hidden in the middle of the UNESCO biosphere reservation in the Maldives. The blue turquoise water cannot be crystally clearer here and the sand can’t be whiter on the beach. There can’t be the best option in the bucket of this country Islands for couples seeking peace, privacy, and adventure.

12. Kuredu: Romantic Expedition

Kuredu is home to one of the top-class and well-known resorts where a couple can unwind in view of the breathtaking ocean views. The resort features a private pool that fuses directly into the ocean. Take a romantic lunch on the beachside as you sunbathe on the ocean. The trip through the island by aircraft will make you stun and admire your jay.

13. Mirihi: Tropical Retreat

Mirihi is your tropical refuge, one of the smallest islands in the Maldives. If you and your partner just want a relaxed holiday, then go to this island. Even if it’s a tiny island, so much needs to be done here.