What Can You Do With Your Old Mattress?

We all know how hard it is to move from one place to another. Although everything that you own comes along with you, there are some items that are destined to end. It can be your wooden cupboard or your daughter’s old bicycle. However, there is this one thing that actually causes a lot of pain if it gets old, and that is a mattress. 

Old Mattress

Yes, it is all good until it starts getting hard and ends up causing pain in your back. A sound sleep, as everyone knows, is extremely important for our overall health. And this an old mattress certainly can’t provide it.

This is one of the major reasons why people buy new mattresses but the real challenge appears in the form of the old mattress. Are you looking for solutions to get rid of it in the nicest way possible? Well then, you’re at the right spot. You can hire the best mattress removal Benicia services or opt for the methods discussed below: .


If you are sure about this decision of giving away your mattress, then we would say that this option is the best one you can opt for. There are numerous NGO and societies that are working in the betterment of the environment by recycling the used products and then giving it again in the market. They have maintained their circle or work so well that people actually look up to them.

Now if you are not aware of any such organisation then try searching for them on Google. Look for the ones who are doing this work nearby and get in touch. They will tell you the whole procedure and will ensure that nothing goes against your plan. This way you are saving yourself by saving the environment.


Now most of the people might not be aware about this but if your mattress is in a not-so-bad condition, then we would recommend you to try calling out the company or the retailer you bought the mattress from.

Most of the companies offer the exchange offer in which you can give your old mattress and they will see if they can use it to make it better. If the stars are in your favour, then you never know. You might get a new mattress at a very cheap price. What’s better than getting a new mattress for your new home and that too at a cheaper price.Sounds cool.

If you are not willing to do any of the last two, then this option can be yours. Look out for the people who need help and favours. There are many people near you who are not as blessed as you are. If you know anyone, try giving it to them and make them feel better. Showing them some care will be the best gift that you will ever give to them.

If you don’t know anyone who is needy, try looking for organizations who are into such activities. They will ask you about your purpose and will see who is in need. This way, you won’t have to struggle much and they will get you in touch with the person who is extremely in need. What’s better than serving humanity while getting your work done at the same time?

Throw it

Now that you are not willing to do anything from the given options above, you can do this one easy task. Go out to your nearest garbage dumpster and place it in a proper way. Try calling your nearest garbage pick up service to get the job done easily. 

They will see what they can do with it. Most of these services have links with different organizations and recycling organizations and they give to them, hence leading to a better purpose which is recycling. Ensure that the vendor you are hiring for this is a valid one. There are many scammers out there who are doing this for money.

There we go! These are some of the ways you can get rid of your old mattress. People often get attached to their old things but things like these are not the ones you get attached to. Keeping an old one can be very harmful for your body as it affects your back in a very bad way.

Now that you are aware about all the solutions, we are sure that you will do something which will be better for you, society and for the environment. The best  option, without any doubt, is to hire furniture removal services from a reliable company. You can trust 3 Kings Hauling and more in this regard. It is one of the most reputed companies in Belincia.