Aesthetic procedures required to make your face look younger and more beautiful

I’m sure you are also watching. Some older women seem to have aged better. Nobody can prevent aging. However, it is possible to age well with certain measures and procedures. Dermal fillers, for example, can help smooth skin are reduce wrinkles, a jawline filler is commonly used to sculpt the jawline. In addition to the methods I will talk about in a moment, it is necessary to use some face creams. It is necessary to be protected from sunlight. We should definitely get out of the house by wearing high factor sunscreen, especially those with light skin. Before too long, start taking measures to age well.

Harmony in facial aesthetics

In all aesthetic procedures related to the face, the face should be evaluated as a whole. For example, the length, width, chin and forehead dimensions of the face should be taken into consideration when performing rhinoplasty. Most of the time, I have patients who present with a single region complaint. But while listening to my patient’s troubles, I also look at the harmony of that region with other regions. I think harmony is essential for success in facial aesthetics.

Percentage of the items we generally pay attention to:

  • The harmony of the nose with the general face
  • The harmony of the chin with the whole face
  • Hairline
  • Forehead and brow belt
  • Especially in women lips
  • Fullness of the mid-facial area

What happens in the skin as the age progresses?

  • Under eye collapse due to loss of elasticity,
  • Deepening in laughing lines,
  • Skin irregularity on the chin,
  • Sagging under the chin
  • Gestures connected lines on the skin
  • Lines on the skin depending on the lying position
  • Skin thinning
  • Vascularization in the skin
  • Spots on the skin

There are many areas that we can improve with small transactions. But there are also structures that we cannot interfere with; for example the shape of the eye. Although some eye shape can be corrected with cantoplasty (almond eye surgery), this is the method that I do not prefer. I am not in favor of changing looks. The look in the eye should not change, the beauty that exists in it should be revealed.

While a single procedure reveals all the charm in some people, sometimes this beauty can be revealed with combined procedures. In this article, I am trying to talk about increasing the attractiveness of the face rather than correcting the effects caused by aging.

Combined transactions that I frequently apply:

  • Rhinoplasty and chin aesthetics
  • Rhinoplasty and lip aesthetics
  • Cheek and lip aesthetics
  • Hair transplantation and nose aesthetics
  • Eyebrow aesthetics and cheek aesthetics
  • The procedures applied to improve the facial skin with the above attempts

I as a best skin specialist in islamabadtalked more about surgical methods, but procedures such as botox and filling, which we call non-surgical aesthetics, are also very important in completing facial aesthetics. For example, nobody wants crow’s feet to be glaring after nasal aesthetics. Or the bruises under the eyes. Again, the lip filling applied together with the rhinoplasty is the procedures that increase the morale of the person.

Under-eye light filling, face filling, lip filling, nasolabial line filling, botox treatment, mesotherapy are the procedures we frequently apply. In addition, spot treatment and chemical peeling can be applied for stains on the face. It should be applied especially when entering the winter months so that the skin is not affected by the sun. Of course, intensive protection from the sun next year is essential.

The aim is to extract the ore hidden within you rather than change you. Looking beautiful and good when getting old.

What are non-surgical non-surgical aesthetic procedures performed on the face area?

  • Botox: The process of opening the wrinkles of the mimic muscles with botulinum toxin,
  • Filling applications (such as wrinkles, cheek lip shaping …): Hyaluronic acid is used.
  • Procedures that peel the upper layer of the skin (such as laser, chemical or mechanical dermapen)
  • Prp (See my previous articles)
  • Mesotherapy (Vitamin cocktail injection for various reasons, such as loss of elasticity, stain …)
  • Radiofrequency
  • Skin tightening with laser energy

These procedures can be combined with facial surgery or can be combined with each other without surgical intervention. Preventive medicine is at the forefront in medicine. Preventive medicine of my branch are also these procedures. The sooner it is started, the smoother the facial skin will age.

As a result; The better we care for our skin and face, the sooner we get the necessary procedures done, the better we will age. For this, it is useful to have a specialist doctor that you trust and can easily reach. It will help you look younger and more beautiful by getting to know you and your skin over time and doing all the necessary procedures.