Taking a Common-Sense Approach to Protecting Yourself from the Sun.

For many years, we found ourselves spending an increasing amount indoors as we responded to the demands of work, a busy family life and our lengthy home to do lists too. In addition, we became more and more addicted to our online environments and were spellbound by the allure of social media in all its forms. The glitzy images grabbed our attention, the videos kept us transfixed and all the social media drama kept us reactive and attentive.

And then came the pandemic. Suddenly a day spent in lockdown at home, on the computer for work and helping with the kids’ school, seemed like quite enough. Sure, we found more things to look at online, but the allure started to fade when that was the only world that seemed to exist. In the midst of this, more and more people turned to spending time in nature and exploring the outdoors. Interest in camping soared, and suddenly RVs sales skyrocketed and a lengthy delivery backlog developed too.

Dress Appropriately for the Sun

When you are planning on spending more time in the sun, it’s important to take care of your health and make sure you protect yourself from harmful UV rays. You can still be stylish and comfortable if you follow some simple steps to keep yourself safe. Choose fabrics such as cotton that is unbleached, which can absorb UV rays because it contains natural lignins.

You could also consider some of the shinier polyesters or even lighter silk fabrics, which are good at reflecting radiation. Long sleeves and slacks help if you are truly sun sensitive Common-Sense. You should also choose a wide-brimmed hat which provides coverage and shade for your head, face, back of your neck and upper shoulders.

Find a Sun Protective Alternative for the Beach

If it’s time to head down to the shore and enjoy some beautiful time at the beach, you can select from some new options on the market. Instead of slathering on the sunscreen Common-Sense, which may contain harmful chemicals, look at some of the new UPF50+sun protective swimwear that is available for men, women and children too.

These suits can block out around 98% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays. They’ll protect you from the sun and are very too. These suits are breathable and lightweight yet are strong enough to stand up to activities. Plus, when it’s time to head into town, they are quick drying and look good enough to wear there.

Avoid the Most Intense Rays of the Sun

If you really love spending time at the beach or enjoying outdoor activities, you can also protect yourself by avoiding the most intense rays of the sun. When you head to the beach early in the morning or late in the afternoon, you’ll find that you are far less likely to encounter the burning energy of the sun.

The hours of 10 AM to 4 PM are the times when the sun’s rays are the strongest. By limiting your activity at those times, you’ll be further protecting yourself from harmful radiation and potential damage to your body. To keep yourself safe from UV radiation, you can take a common-sense approach to your outdoor activities. Dressing appropriately, getting a UPF50+ suit and avoiding the peak times for damage from the sun’s rays will help keep you safer and still let you enjoy your outdoor fun.