Can The Pix Link WiFi Repeater Work With Any Standard WiFi Router?

Ordinarily, the wifi router coverage range is limited. It does not cover the whole home area. So the pix link wifi repeater is a must-have to extend your wireless signal to the dead space. Its ultimate Performance and universal compatibility Dual band 1200Mbps support 802.11 ac/b/g/n protocol. This repeater has four external antennas that promise more powerful performance. It can make WiFi signals stronger and more stable. Improving the coverage of the wireless LAN, add wireless signal to areas hard to reach.

The pix link repeater is dual band, this means it provides Stable Connection 5GHz 867Mbps and 2.4GHz 300Mbps two frequencies while total broadband connections width is 1200Mbps. It works with any standard wifi router and creates stronger dual band connection in hard-to-reach areas.

How to set up Pix Link WiFi Repeater

The pix link wifi repeater setup is simple with a web browser. It has multi-Function like Router/AP/Repeater mode creates a new signal from the existing signal to cover the zone the old one is difficult to reach. Of-course yes, pixlink repeater works with any wifi router.

1. Set the external antennas

If you want to work the pix link wifi repeater with any wifi router, you need to set the antennas. The pix link wifi repeater has 4 external antennas and increased antennas to make a more stable and stronger signal, promising better performance. Basically, antennas manage the wifi signal. You need to properly set the antennas after reading the manual guide. Then work with any standar wifi router.

2. Use WPS button

The pix link repeater has a WPS button. WPS means wifi protected setup. The WPS button is on the right side of the pix link wifi repeater. If you want to attach the wifi router to the extender, you can use the WPS button. Using this button easily connects the router. To connect the router, firstly press the WPS button of the repeater for 10 seconds and then press the WPS button of the router. The power LED indicates green light, this means the router is properly connected to the repeater.

3. Accurately configure the pix link wifi repeater

If you want to work the wifi repeater to the router, you need to configure the pix repeater. To configure the pix link repeater, firstly you login the repeater. Open any web browser of your choice and type, then press enter. In a while a login page is displayed on the screen.

You fill the login details like username ID and secret password, click “login”. After that, you select “setup wizard”. You can easily change the frequency band and password. After changing the setting, click “apply setting”. Now the configure your pix link repeater is successfully done.

4. Properly connect the pix link wifi repeater to the router

The pix link wifi repeater is ultimate network coverage, it covers every corner of the home and abolishes the dead zone. If you want to extend the network range of the wifi router, you need to connect the repeater. The pix link wifi repeater easily works with any wifi router, for this you must properly connect.

If you use wired connect for connection, you need the ethernet cable. Take an ethernet cable, plug one end of the cable into the router’s LAN port and the other end plug into the repeater’s ethernet port. If the power LED indicates green light, this means connection is successfully complete.

5. Use MU-MIMO technology

The pix link wifi repeater easily works with any standard router. In this repeater has mu-mimo technology, this means it works with more networking devices. More networking devices like computer, laptop, wireless printer, wifi router and many more. This technology uses multiple antennas on both the transmitter and receiver to improve communication performance.

Final thoughts

The pix link is dual band wireless wifi range repeater. It provides stable, better and ultra-fast wifi speed in the long-distance area. It has extender antennas that provide better network coverage. This repeater works with any standard wifi router without any hurdle. The pix link wifi repeater fulfils all the requirements of the wifi network connectivity. It abolishes or eliminates the dead zone in the corner of the homes.

This repeater is the ultimate performance, it provides up to 1200mbps speed. Generally, this repeater is used to expand the range of existing wifi signals. This means the pix link repeater is a tremendous device for increasing the range of the existing wifi router.