M-couponing: what is it, and what is its interest for your business?

1. What is M-couponing?

The M-couponing is a voucher dematerialized the client receives on his mobile. All they need to do is present their smartphone during checkout to benefit from it. This marketing action allows a company to send an SMS, MMS or emails containing a promotional offer to a prospect so that they can go to the store and use the coupon to complete a purchase. Did you know ? 91% of consumers cite the discount voucher at the top of the promotional mechanisms that make them want to buy, according to a survey. Here are many (good) reasons to be interested in Coupon 2.0 to grow your business.

2. Advantages and benefits of M-couponing

Whether it’s to save money or to test new products without breaking the bank, coupons are always appreciated by customers.

M-couponing: a discount voucher always at hand

Unlike its ancestor, the classic discount voucher, the m-coupon is available on smart phones . No need to cut up and store his discounts: your customer has them directly on his mobile phone.

The “green” reduction coupon

If there is no longer a need to print your reduction ticket, it is also less paper used. Respect for the environment is an element taken into account by your customers.

The involvement of brands (particularly large retailers) in reducing waste and preserving the planet is a factor increasingly requested by customers. M-couponing meets this expectation.

The m-coupon: a new method of building loyalty

To thank your loyal customers or to encourage new customers to come back to your store, offering a regatta discount code is a good operation. Customers love to be given gifts: sending them discount coupons is one way to make them happy and improve the customer experience.

Boost in-store sales with special offers

By sending coupons at specific times, you increase footfall to your store and generate additional revenue outside of peak days. M-couponing helps boost frequency of purchase and increase your customers’ average basket price by guiding them to products they might not have purchased without a discount. This is another way of animating your store in an original way .

Get to know your customers and their habits better with M-couponing

With the dematerialization of the management of your loyalty programs, you have access to information on the use, frequency and targets that use your promotion codes and other e-coupons. Thanks to these figures, you have better visibility of the ROI (return on investment) of your promotional operations.

Capture consumers looking for good deals and privileged offers

With the dematerialized reduction coupon, you have the possibility of being found by Internet users looking for good deals and promotional offers.

To attract new customers looking for a good deal, all you need to do is submit your offers to sites specializing in the distribution of e-coupons.

Even if the world of couponing is still dominated by paper couponing, virtual couponing is starting to develop strongly. Thus, we are witnessing the arrival of specialized sites, even of coupon sites comparators , which offer a set of discounts and gifts.

3. List of examples of M-couponing that work

What kind of coupon can you share? There are many ways to unite and retain your customers using M-couponing.

We can distinguish two types of offers.

Price reduction coupons

  • percentage reduction,
  • vouchers valid on the purchase of an additional product,
  • vouchers,
  • Gift Certificates,
  • advantage from a certain purchase amount.
  • Coupons for promotional operations
  • weekly or monthly promotions,
  • pre-launch offers,
  • special offers for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, school holidays, etc.,
  • offers to re launch abandoned baskets,
  • offers to subscribe to the newsletter,
  • offers encouraging sharing on social networks,
  • sponsorship offers,
  • discount code
  • first order offers,
  • exclusive offers on social networks,
  • loyalty cards,
  • discounts intended for advertisers and influencers.

Now you have all the keys to understanding M-couponing and its many benefits for your business. So what will be your new way of announcing your discounts?

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