10 Types of Luxury Chairs to Buy – Luxury Furniture

No doubt, luxury chairs have their own fan base. They can elevate the look of your home’s interior. Also, they differ in size, shape, and comfort level. But, like another luxury european furniture, they are also supposed to provide luxury to your home. These wide, deep chairs are perfect for you to sink into. 

Moreover, you have got many options for luxury chairs. So, you can have any such types for your bedroom and living area. Also, all of them have different designs and backs. Some have low backs and no arms. On the other hand, some chairs have round stuffed arms. You can enjoy comfort and style in one place. 

You may have seen all types of chairs, but you might not know their types. To grasp this idea, take a look at some of the luxury chairs by name:

  1. Armchair
  2. Recliner
  3. Accent chairs
  4. Round chairs
  5. Club chairs
  6. Bergere chair
  7. Wingback chair
  8. Barrel chair
  9. Lounge chair
  10. Slipper chair
luxury european furniture

1. Armchair:

An armchair is a stunning element of home décor. You can express your personal style through a perfect armchair. In this way, the best part about luxury european furniture is that it provides comfort and style to your place. These armchairs come in various styles and designs. Also, they have a standard size back and lower legs. And they can accommodate one person at a time.

2. Recliner:

The recliners are modern luxury elements. They are supposed to give you a relaxing time in your lounge. Also, they come in leather, polyester, manual, and many other styles. Similarly, they vary in colors and sizes. Some recliners have beautiful patterns as well. If you have a backache or any other muscle sprain, you will find it easy to move from a recliner. 

3. Accent chairs:

Well, many types and styles of chairs come in the category of accent chairs. They can be an eye-catching luxury piece in your living room. Today, most luxury furniture has a modern outlook. That is why these accent chairs can go with any home interior. Also, these accent chairs come in plenty of sizes, arm rolls, and backs. They can be large or have winged backs.

4. Round chairs:

As the name reflects, these luxury chairs have round seats with half-round arms. They might look like a mini sofa, but they can adjust only one person. Also, their shape and fabric allow you to relax in your living area. Moreover, they are perfect for modern and traditional home décor. You will find them in neutral as well as vibrant colors.

5. Club chairs:

What makes a club chair is the complete leather look. They give you a modern luxury look. Also, these types of chairs have a mood and comfort level. But, not everyone likes the touch of them. In addition, it has a deep seat and a lower back. Mostly, they have rounded edges and arm rolls.

6. Bergere chair:

The traditional luxury furniture still comes in the French style. These Bergere chairs give a royal touch to your living area and bedrooms. Similarly, these luxury chairs have deep, wide seats. Also, they have curved arms and legs with loose cushions. They are comfy and stylish to sit on. But, you can expect to pay a bit more than usual for luxury chairs.  

7. Wingback chair:

A wingback chair is perfect to add flair to your living area. The design of this luxury has side panels extending to the arms and back. In addition, they usually have high backs. In this way, you can use these chairs to read and relax in your study or living area. Also, they can complement any home interior and style.

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8. Barrel chair:

Barrel chairs are another stylish modern luxury piece. They have solid, rounded backs. Also, they are wide and comfy. Like wingback chairs, their arms also extend to the back, making a flair of fabric. So, you can have two such barrel chairs in two corners of your living or bedroom. They will give a contemporary look to your place. 

9. Lounge chair:

If you want to sit back and relax your feet up at a comfy settee, go for lounge chairs. They share an origin with Ottoman-style chairs. So, they come with sit stools. In this way, you can either use them as stools or put your feet on them. Also, if the sitting stool has a flat top surface, use them to serve coffee or tea. In this way, these chairs are multi-functional for your lounge.

10. Slipper chair

A slipper chair is one with no arms on the sides. But, they are comfy as other luxury chairs. Usually, they have a cushion at the back of the chair. Also, you will see long backs and lower legs. In addition, they come in unique patterns with edging. You can also have them in neutral colors such as beige, light pink, grey. 


These days, you have got plenty of choices in luxury chairs. From traditional to modern, they fit in every home décor. Well, that is the beauty of having luxury Italian furniture. In that case, you can get a wingback, armchair, or any other accent chair. Also, recliners and round chairs are still on the market. Check out the collection of such unique chairs in AVRS furniture to add luxury to your home.