Open a Company in Dubai – Easy and Prompt Service 2021 Guide

How much it costs to open a company in Dubai, you may ask. Well, you don’t need to be an expert on the economic issues that govern the business in Dubai because there is no one to answer those for you. However, it is not impossible to find out some rough calculations on the costs to open a company in Dubai. There are many companies that have their headquarters in Dubai and they are charging hundreds of thousands of riyals just to set up their offices. It’s hard to imagine that a group of businessmen in Dubai would spend so much money just to have their own office.

How much would it cost to open a company in Dubai, you may ask again? It’s impossible to answer that question without first having clear required features. The prices of an organization can differ from several hundreds of dollars to several thousands of dollars depending upon the capital required and the real estate involved. As to the capital, which is actually required to start up and organization in Dubai, this is obviously not something that is easily available; but fortunately, there are other options as well.

Why open a company in Dubai

Immigration to Dubai:

Several businessmen who are immigrating to Dubai and are looking forward to establishing their businesses can go to their home country and look for a free zone business unit in which to establish their company. They have many companies registered in the free zone in mainland UAE but due to certain procedural irregularities, their companies are not recognized in the free zone in mainland UAE.

Therefore, the emigrating businessman would have to open a company in the free zone before he could establish his company in the mainland. This may seem to be a very tedious process; but it is relatively easy to do. On the other hand, the process of open a company in Dubai may take much longer time.

Setup a Business in Dubai:

Legitimate companies that want to set-up a business in Dubai have to submit their Articles of Association with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. Once these Articles of Association have been accepted and passed by the chamber of commerce, all that remains is for the business entities to submit their necessary business permits. These business permits are needed to be obtained from the local government, and once obtained, the company formation activity can commence in Dubai.

Once all the required documents have been submitted and approved, you can get a business license from the Dubai ruler or Federal Trade Commission (FTC). You can find more detailed information on the licensing procedure on the dedicated websites of the Dubai authorities. Once licensed, you are now ready to hire a legal representative who will represent you throughout the formalities of company formation in Dubai. Your legal representative in Dubai should have strong knowledge of the laws followed in Dubai and good relationship with local lawyers.

Registration Certificate:

Other than business permits, you also need to submit the necessary documents to open a company in Dubai. One of the most important documents required for registration is the property registration certificate from the concerned government authority of Dubai. The property registration certificate allows the government to hold the title of the property until the debt under it in good standing is settled. Another required document for registration is the appointment letter for the director and the company secretary. The company secretary plays an important role in the registration process of the company.

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If you plan to open a company in Dubai, you can find a number of companies that provide complete services related to company formation in the emirate. You can check out their respective websites to learn more about the available options. However, before you proceed, you must be sure about the type of registration you require. For instance, if you want to open a limited liability company (LLC), you should lookout for a suitable name in Dubai that is acceptable to the authorities.

If you don’t want to disclose your private information, you should go in for an offshore company formation in Dubai that ensures complete privacy. There are a number of companies that offer offshore company registration services at a reasonable cost. You can find the best-suited option by carrying out research on the internet. However, you should not compromise on quality. If you want to enjoy successful company incorporation in the emirate, you should carry out research thoroughly.