How to Choose Custom Branded Uniform for Your Restaurant Staff

In the hospitality industry, it is crucial to keep your staff looking ultra-clean and safe, as it makes them look professional. You should provide your team with custom branded uniforms because they represent your brand.

You may be surprised to know that during the 16th century, a chef’s uniform and a priest’s uniform looked the same except for the colour (chefs wore grey, and priests, white).

Having people in professional, well-starched uniforms attending the tables will have more people inclined to dine at your restaurant. In the hospitality industry, it is crucial to keep up with the current trends while also ensuring employee safety and comfort.

Uniforms for the Australian Hospitality Industry

The Australian hospitality industry facilitates countless options for designer uniforms. You are what you wear, and your business’ individuality is expressed subtly through the uniforms the members of your staff wear.

Providing them unique custom branded uniforms, personalized with employees’ names and your restaurant logo, shows that you care for them and your customers. It also makes your employees look professional, improving your brand image.

Trendy and Chic Branded Uniforms

Whether it is cool, customized T-shirts, or high-visibility safety wear, the opportunities are endless for promoting your brand. Applying your restaurant’s logo and a crisp message on the uniforms creates instant brand awareness.

Hospitality uniforms no longer bear the casual, laid-back look; they are more functional and chic, with standard features like distinguishable patch pockets, shiny brass buttons, and matching eyelets.

Trendy Personalized Aprons

The days of the baggy, saggy black aprons flowing to the ground are long gone.  Instead, the current trend includes funky aprons that don’t put a hole in your budget. The cut, length, shape, and colour portray individuality and brand identity crucial for the industry today.

With restaurants going greener, you can also opt for restaurant uniforms made of environment-friendly fabric that lasts longer. Most customized aprons come with matching oven mitts, pot holders, and gloves, giving you more opportunities to make your brand more visible.

Bib aprons are logo branded and embroidered at no extra cost, though suppliers may insist on a minimum quantity if you want these aprons personalized with your logo.

Custom Printed Uniforms

Custom printed uniforms include Hessian brandable aprons and brandable short-sleeve shirts that allow free movement and never hinder your ever-busy hospitality staff. Such custom printed aprons can sport your brand logo and colours and come in comfortable sizes.

Short-Sleeve Shirts for Female Staff

The ladies’ short sleeve shirt makes your female staff look trim and elegant, which goes well with the customized aprons that sport convenient pockets for carrying knick-knacks of the trade. Uniforms made of a smart blend of Polyester and cotton are light on the wearer and last long without fading.

Formal Long Sleeve Shirts for Male Staff

While the female staff wears bright short-sleeved shirts, it is the elegant long sleeve shirt that makes a statement unique to the hospitality industry for the male team. These long sleeve shirts go well with half aprons sporting your logo prominently. The conveniently large pocket with custom embroidered logos gives it an elegant look.

As the hospitality industry thrives on establishing its brand identity, what better way to promote your brand than through custom branded uniforms?