5 Reasons Why Windows Blinds Are Better Than Curtains or Drapes

Planning your home redesign this year? Interiors including bedrooms, lounges and everywhere else around the house need special attention. Since windoews are often quite large in size and take up much wall space, what goes one them is of great significance. Also, the fact that window coverings provide more than just aesthetic, covering them right is important. We skay windows blinds are better than traditional curtains or drapes.

So, why exactly are blinds better than curtains when drapery has worked so well for so long? Usually, it will be a personal preference thing like almost every other choice in life. But, when you look at operational functionality and other features, blinds do come on top in most expert opinions. However, windows blinds may look nothing like big and wide drapery. Here are some top reasons why windows blinds are better choice than curtains for this year’s redesign:

1: They Fit Well on Windows

One of the best features about windows blinds is their compactness and elegance on walls and windows. Perfect fit wooden window blinds for example fit nice on the windows. Some fancier types also fit within the windowpanes. This works out well for interior designing.

Unless you are going for a full traditional style interior design, blinds will almost always play better. Most blinds options are sleek and need very less space on windows. Unlike curtains and drapery that go above and beyond the window space, blinds are truly compact and elegant.

As far as covering windows is concerned, blinds do just as good of a job as curtains. Made to measure windows blinds fit nicely on all windowpane space. They will block or filter out the sunlight while insulating for temperature nicely as well when needed.

2: Windows Blinds Are Sleek and Offer Better Daylight Control

Curtains can provide blackout rooms no problem. Thicker fabrics can block most of the sun. however, people who need complete blackouts, curtains may not suffice. Curtains and drapery will have that small bit of space on their sides that will let in daylight.

Windows blinds while looking sleek and elegant, also provide better daylight control. Also, you can filter daylight in sun-facing rooms as well. Turn slats of your venetian window blinds on angles and they will filter out daylight. There are daylight filtering blinds available with their own unique designs too.

Integral blinds are modern window covering options that enhance daylight control and privacy. Also, you have the option for automated daylight sensing roller blinds or even wooden blinds. These take daylight control and efficiency to a whole new level producing great results.

3: Cheaper and Easier to Maintain Than Curtains

When you look at price points, windows blinds will almost always win. You can get quite nick bulk purchase deals on blinds as well. Blinds fitting services tend to offer bulk purchase deals as they can fit more then one set easier. A quality windows blinds can be had for much less than quality curtains.

On the average, a quality set of curtains can cause close to a hundred dollars. You can get blinds for the whole house or office for that much. That combined with easier cheaper maintenance for windows blinds make them the perfect choice for any interior.

If you get a slat damaged on your wooden blinds, replace it while the rest remains intact. When you get a broken string, replace it with all the rest of your windows blinds there. With curtains, you get a tear in cloth or discoloration, whole thing has to be replaced. Spend hundreds again or save them with blinds.

4: Color, Design and Styles Are Potentially Unlimited

Curtains come in all different colors, designs and sizes. However, when it comes the ability to customize, windows blinds take things to a whole other level. From continued printed designs for specific themes to some of the best accents, they play their part well in any requirement. 

Roller window blinds are famous for their extreme designability. They can be printed in whatever required finishes. You can also have them in different material thicknesses and textures. Roman blinds are fabric made and fully customizable as well.

Where metal or wooden venetians offer their unique textures and styles, vertical blinds provide the opposite aesthetic. All kinds of windows blinds are available finished in whatever textures and designs you need. Their designs and finishes are simply bounded by your imagination.

5: Windows Blinds Provide Better Insulation for Temperature with More Functionality

Blinds and shutters are sleek and yet offer better temperature insulation. Curtains and drapes necessarily are made from fabrics. Wooden blinds and metal venetians are made from solid materials that offer better temperature insulation. 

Extreme weather places of the world do better with temperature insulation using blinds or shutters. These form another layer on your glazed windows offering unique perspective with more functionality. That combined with windows blinds and their privacy features and you have a winner product.

You can choose specific materials and their thicknesses for enhanced privacy and temperature control as well. Best thing with blinds is that they can be lifted or roller off to reveal window features anytime. Windows blinds play well in any interior and look great while doing it.