5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing AV Equipment

The right audiovisual equipment can play a significant part in making your work environment more secure and productive. High-quality AV equipment can greatly enhance the quality of a presentation and collaboration effort that your employees take part in.

Dubai is home to many international firms. And most of them prefer getting their AV equipment from a patent Hikvision distributor in Dubai. This clearly signifies the importance of having high-quality AV equipment.

Having said this, today, we’re going to share some handy questions you need to ask before choosing the right AV equipment for your workplace.

Let’s take a look at them!

1.  Are they Suitable for Commercial Use?

Generally, audiovisual equipment is used for commercial purposes such as marketing a product etc. Therefore, before you buy any AV equipment, you must inquire whether they’re suitable for commercial use or not. Similarly, you must also ensure that the equipment is suitable to meet the needs of your workplace.

2.  Is the Company Reputable?

This is probably the most important thing that you have to consider because AV equipment isn’t cheap. And if you don’t buy good quality ones, you’re at a loss. To avoid such circumstances, you should make sure that the company whose AV equipment you intend to buy is well-reputed in the market.

Also, check if they have a proven track record of providing the type of services and equipment you need. Finally, before making the final call, perform the following actions:

  • Visit their facility
  • Talk to their representatives
  • Check their references for testimonials.

3.  Does the Company Provide After-Sale Support?

Another important thing that you should inquire about before buying the equipment is whether the company provides after-sales support.

Some of the things you need to consider in this regard are:

  • How fast is their customer care service?
  • Are they able to resolve client issues quickly and completely?
  • Can they provide management services too?
  • Does their website contain informative blogs about the best practices and ways to use their equipment? And the issues that the users can face and how to resolve them?

4.  How Well Do Their Speakers Sound?

High quality and clear sound are imperative for the proper working of an AV system. So, before buying any equipment, you’ve to double-check the sound quality that the speakers produce. In addition, check out the volume capacity limits and the microphone radius the system is capable of supporting. Remember that a surround sound environment can give your AV system an operational edge.

By ensuring these things, you can make sure that the next time you’re holding a meeting over the phone, conducting a presentation or just chatting while holding a seminar, the sound won’t be distorted.

5.  Are they Compatible with Cell Phones?

Nowadays, one cannot overlook the dominance of cell phones in our everyday lives. Be it business or personal, we all are dependent on our cell phones. This is why, best audio visual suppliers in Dubai provide equipment supporting both iOS and Android OS

Therefore, before choosing AV equipment, you must check whether they’re compatible with cell phones or not.

Finding answers to these questions will help you choose the right equipment for your company.