Criminal Records – Investigating the Process of Running a Criminal Check

How often have you turned on the news hoping to see the weather report but then being told about “real-life crime?” We are constantly being bombarded with horror stories, no matter where we turn these days. But, unlike a gripping book we can’t stop reading, these stories are all around us. Criminals are targeting us in every possible way, from our local community to the headlines around the globe.

We are all aware of the dangers we face. In today’s world, it is normal to expect the worst from people until you are better informed. Even the most prudent of individuals can be fooled by scam artists or hired dishonest employees. An apparent background check, which focuses only on the criminal record of an individual, is one of the ways to help protect yourself from these types of crimes.

Public Criminal Arrest Records

There are many reasons that someone might want to check out a Manatee County mugshots background on another person. But, there is one common theme: safety. Our greatest concerns are to safeguard ourselves, our families, businesses, and our financial well-being. You need specific information, regardless of whether your company has performed criminal records searches on a regular basis or just started this process.

What exactly is a criminal conviction?

A criminal record usually contains the following information: identifying information; history of arrest; history of conviction; incarceration and any other criminal acts. It is possible to find minor misdemeanors and up. However, there are some important points to clarify when explaining crime records. This is the breakdown:

Investigating the Process

criminal records

Orange County arrests records include many law enforcement records regarding arrests. Even so, this can mean a lot. Some people will only report arrests that resulted in convictions; others will report all arrests. Criminal Court Records include criminal records from local, federal, and state courts. Corrections Records contain prison records that document periods of incarceration. State Criminal Repository records are statewide records. These records include criminal court records, arrest records, and corrections records.

Many people believe this is the largest misconception. It is believed that the United States has a single national database. It contains all criminal records across the country, from the local level to the federal level. This simply isn’t true.

The Interstate Identification Index or the “Triple-I” is the closest U.S. database to a national criminal database.

This compilation is managed by the National Crime Information Center, which is part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (the FBI). The Triple-I will contain criminal events like open Polk County arrests warrants or arrests, thefts, missing persons, and dispositions concerning felons and serious offenses (defined as any crime that could land you in prison for at least one year). Two things are important to know about this database.

The Triple-I database is only accessible to law enforcement agencies and personnel. For the average layperson, there is no national criminal database.

Find criminal records using online resources that are free. Once you have information about the identity and jurisdiction of the person under investigation, you will be able to find the right county, city, or state site to access their public records. It is important to know that each state decides what information is “public”, so you need to learn the laws of the area you are researching.

You should also know that online access to criminal data is limited to 25% to 35%, which includes public data. While it is a great place for starting, it can’t be used as the basis of an exhaustive investigation into your criminal record. It is important to realize that many records will not include key identifying information, such as birth date, middle name, and/or social insurance numbers.

Online investigation companies can perform criminal checks for a fee. The National Criminal File (NCF), is the main database that online investigation agencies use. This file is also the most frequently searched for background checks prior to employment.

Checking criminal records is an important part of determining if someone has a history of criminal activities. You have to put in the work required to get a complete criminal report. It is possible to get a thorough and accurate criminal report by being persistent in gathering all the necessary information.