Longines Watch: The Fruit of Timeless Watchmaking Tradition and Excellence

People are busy. Every day, there are lots of things to do, especially for professionals. They always manage their time to finish their daily activities. Without wearing a watch, they cannot manage their time properly because there would be confusion. That is the reason the watch is one of the most important things that has been invented.

Longines Watch – Then and now

One of these companies offering watches is the company Des Montres Longines Francillon S.A. This company is from Switzerland and was founded in 1832. The famous Longines company is producing high-quality wristwatches all over the world. The Longines brand is worth buying for. Now, if you are looking for a wristwatch that you can wear every day and every time, there are lots of choices for you from Longines that you must try.

A timepiece makes life easier and balanced. Why? It is because time is very important to people. Every moment of the day, people always want to know what the time is. They commonly use a clock to determine the time, however, for their outside activity, they cannot bring a clock for it is a hassle.

A watch makes everything easier. People can carry it on their wrists whenever and wherever they want. Aside from that, the watch also gives time and a calendar that the people need to be aware of. It reminds everyone of the date, the time, the daily activities, and the time spent on something.

As a human, a watch is essential not only to give time but also awareness. Since it is a wristwatch and portable, it is not heavy to wear. It is like a bracelet with multi-purpose. These days watches are not just used to provide time and date. The fashion industry considers watches as fashion.

A watch can also make you attractive for it adds beauty to your style. It makes you look pretty and smart. There are unique designs of watches made for you to match your personality, standard, and style. There are different brands of watches around the world. These watches can cost lots of money. Some people buy a watch as their collection for insurance.

Watch is also one of the best ways to invest money. The cost of this item depends on its quality, whether it is luxurious. Now, companies who are offering their watches have their names on the market. The people have lots of choices.

Six Longines Watches 

1. The Longines Spirit L38114739

Longines beautifully made this automatic watch for men and made the dial with Arabic numerals. Longines Spirit L38114739 has super-LumiNova hands. The case is round and made up of stainless steel with sapphire. The back is solid. Aside from that, the diameter of this watch case is 42mm. The best thing about this watch is that it is water-resistant. It can survive up to 10m underwater.

2. The Longines Spirit L38204732

This model has silver, and they design it for men. The case of this watch is round and made up of stainless steel with sapphire, excellent quality crystal. The diameter is 42mm with a solid back part. Longines Spirit L38204732 is an automatic watch. It has the Longines caliber of L688.4. The band for the wrist comprises calfskin leather. It is comfortable to wear. Aside from that, this product has a power reserve of 64 hours for your use. It can also survive 100 meters underwater.

3. The Longines L37744902

This watch is also a good one. It is the Longines Heritage model that is perfectly made for men. The dial comprises Arabic numerals. It also has the hands of silver-tone. The case of this model is round and made up of stainless steel. It also has sapphire that makes it high quality. The case has a 42mm diameter. L37744902 is an automatic watch. It has an L888 caliber and 25,200 VPH movement frequency. The wristband of this model is leather and comfortable to wear. It can also survive underwater for about 300m.

4. The Longines Equestrian L61304712

A beautiful model of Longines watches is designed for women because of its elegant silver color. They designed the dial with Roman numerals and the hands with blue steel. The L61304712 round case was made up of stainless steel. It has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that makes it even more attractive. Aside from that, the diameter of the watch case is 26.50mm. This model has the caliber of L152. Now, the wristband of this watch is leather. It is convenient to wear because it is not heavy. The watch can survive 30m underwater.

5. The Longines DolceVita L57674719

This model is perfect for anyone. Men and women can buy Longines DolceVita L57674719 because the design is unisex. It has a silver color with Roman numerals. The hands of this model are a blue and stainless steel case. Longines DolceVita L57674719 has a rectangle shape case with a diameter of 28.2mm. It is a unique watch for everyone very easy to use. It can also reserve up to 40 hours for your use. They made the wristband of this product from alligator leather. Another outstanding feature of this model is that it is water-resistant. It can survive up to 30m underwater.

6. The Longines Master Collection L27734783

An automatic watch with ETA-Valjoux Caliber 7751, this model is one of the best models of Longines. Perfectly made for men. Starting from its silver color, and finished with a brown dial. It has Roman numerals for time. The hands are blue steel and have a round shape case made of stainless steel. It has a sapphire crystal and skeleton back part. This model has a diameter of 42mm and a height of 14mm. It can be reserved for up to 46 hours with a movement frequency of 800. Now, the wristband is made of alligator leather. The model can also survive up to 30m underwater.

Take Away

Just like time, a watch is significant to people. Watches have value and can cost lots of money. If you are planning to buy a watch, look for the quality over its quantity. Know what is best for your standard and your budget. Avoid wasting money and time by purchasing a watch that is not worth buying. There’s a great deal with Longines. The decision is all yours.

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