Spray Tan Vs Tanning Bed – Which One Should You Choose and Why

Read guide about Spray Tan Vs Tanning Bed. Tanning is the most successful technique to change the skin’s color while adding a beautiful glow. A perfectly tanned body can improve your appeal and self-confidence. However, a lot depends on the tanning technique. Traditionally, sun exposure has been a favorite tanning technique that lets you spend relaxing moments on the beach. However, spray tanning and using a tanning bed are two effective techniques for an instant tan effect.

How does spray tanning work?

Spray tanning is an ideal option for individuals who dislike the idea of going out for tanning. Consider spray tanning if you want to gain a bronze glow in the comforts of indoors. Spray tanning involves the simple principle of using tanning sprays over the skin for a bronze glow. The spray solution is a unique blend of different colors. You can achieve different shades of tans by changing the proportions of ingredients in the spray solution.

East Boca Raton spray tan assures a uniform glow all over the body besides being quick. You can look forward to a more enduring tanning effect by choosing a spray tanning technique. The spray tan by Boca Tan can last for over ten days. Tanning with spray technique is also safer for your skin if you choose any of the most reputable tanning salons.

Tanning beds for the effect of sun tanning

Using a tanning bed offers a similar effect to tanning under the sun. Tanning beds darken the complexion by releasing Ultraviolet rays, just like sun tanning. This technique is ideal for those who want to use UV rays for tanning without the fear of getting sunburns.

You will get even tanning with a tanning bed, and the process is also prompt and time-saving. However, there are several concerns if you are using a tanning bed to get a perfect tanning effect. Studies suggest that UV rays are harmful to the skin. Aging, skin cancer, and wrinkles are some hazards of using tanning beds.

Tanning beds may also result in sunspots, especially if you have lighter skin with less melanin. Therefore, consider the safer option of using spray tanning at an established tanning salon Boca Raton.

Spray tanning is an obvious option

Spray tanning can be costlier than the use of a tanning bed. You will also need more time for preparation if you are choosing spray tan. Shaving and exfoliation of skin requires almost a day before going for spray tans.

Skin safety is the most significant factor for choosing the right tanning option. Spray tanning is an obvious choice after looking at several side effects of tanning beds. The spray technique ensures quick results in just a single sitting as the results can be visible in just 24 hours. One needs to go for several tanning sessions if you are planning the option of a tanning bed.


A tanning bed is ideal for individuals who desire cheaper and more comfortable tanning. You should, however, think of the safety aspects and go for spray tanning at an established Boca tanning club for safer and quicker tanning.

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