The World Around Is Changing… And So Are You!

We can all feel a big change on the horizon of world. Enduring the challenges of 2020-2021 has really opened everyone’s perspective to what they do and do not want out of their lives, and that mindset shift has our society in a position where our core values are changing. No longer do we look up to those that work long hours, in a job they may or may not like, sacrificing time with loved ones, just to earn a high income. Instead, we are all finding life’s purpose, and that purpose requires time freedom and the ability to express passions. You can read more on transformational intuitive life coach about it.

What Caused the Change in world?

Though the pandemic is the obvious answer, what happened in our lives during 2020-2021 is truly the source. The first lesson from the pandemic was a reality check of what matters most in life: our loved ones. The world was scary, and lives were unfortunately lost – quickly. That environment was a terrifying reminder of just how fragile our lives are, shifting our priorities toward our loved ones again. Though extremely unfortunate how we got there, the gratitude that resulted has been a necessary shift for a long time. 

Beyond a change in where we want to spend our time, we learned that the digital world we live in today enables far more freedom than we ever realized. We can do our jobs at home, and when we’re able to do that, we gain more time back in our day. We can spend our lunches in our own homes, we have more time to check in with loved ones (thanks to a lack of commute), laundry can be thrown in while we’re on a call… The ability to tend to all aspects of our lives, without unnecessary pressure, was highlighted when we had the freedom to be at home. It’s easy to Helps Women Re-Invent The Next Chapter of Their Lives if they follow our guidelines.

Outside of what working from home did with our perspectives, a lack of ability to do the things we typically would do to entertain ourselves allowed us to get back in touch with our creativity and passions. We learned new hobbies, picked up old ones, read more, and explored our imaginations again (which some individuals likely haven’t done since they were children). The self-exploration and self-expression taught us things about ourselves we had either forgotten or never had the chance to recognize in the past. We don’t want to lose ourselves again. Instead, we are all finding life’s purpose, and that purpose requires time freedom and the ability to express passions. 

Making the Most of the Shift

Many of us are in the midst of the wide-spread mindset shift, whether we realize it or not. Our core values are changing, we have started setting new boundaries in our lives, perhaps we have even begun looking for new jobs based on discovered passions or priorities (or we’ve already taken that leap). 

The best way to take advantage of the shift is to recognize where you’re at. Make note of what was important to you in January 2020 and what is important to you now. Simply writing those two lists can prove to be extremely eye opening. When we look at ourselves in a black and white way, we can transparently see just how different we are today. 

Your list as your guide, you can start creating the life you want for yourself – that is precisely the shift we are all making. We are collectively deciding what we want out of our lives, and we’re making that our reality. If you are ready to start taking action toward building a life that aligns with your new core values, connect with Amirah Hall for support in taking the next step.