How to Play GTA San Andreas without Resorting to Cheats

GTA San Andreas

Modify the way you play. If you are not playing well, you may want to avoid doing something particularly dangerous or stupid in the game. Keep in mind that cheating will make certain tasks impossible to complete and may cause irreparable damage to the game.

Try different ways to complete a difficult task.

You have to solve many tasks in one way, but there are also many tasks that allow you to be creative. Feel free to take a helicopter to perform a gunfight mission and land on a nearby roof to shoot at the enemy, or defeat the roadblock by accelerating the heavy vehicle to the impact speed and then jumping out of it while sprinting forward, connecting the vehicle. Smaller and faster. Once the lock is broken, the car can move on.

If you cannot complete the mission in one way, please continue to retry the mission from a different angle and using different weapons and vehicles. Never give up, you will eventually find a way to pass the task.

Develop Carl’s skills. Unlike other GTA games, the protagonist of San Andreas, Carl “CJ” Johnson, has extensive statistics that can be modified according to the player’s choice. With high data, tasks become much easier; with low data, they are almost impossible.

Investing in statistics such as endurance, muscle, vehicle and bicycle driving, weapon skills, and respect makes the task easier to complete. Doing so in the open world can also be used as an exercise in performing tasks. You can also get the online assistance about the game by using the online plat form. You can purchase it by using paypal and other online payment gateways e.g transferwise account

Know what to do when you lose your health. You can rebirth by eating, drinking soda or getting into an ambulance instead of cheating for health. All of the above options provide little health improvement, but they are much better than cheating. You can also load the previous archive to restore all health, armor and weapons, but please make sure you have the most recent archive. Please save it frequently to avoid losing too much progress.

Learn to use weapons without resorting to traps. Novices or ordinary crooks usually produce them. But what’s the fun? Your only other option is to search for them, which can be tedious and dangerous. However, cheating may lower your crime score, which is the most dangerous effect.

Learn how to get cash. You can earn money by gambling, killing drug dealers, or performing bicycle stunts on Los Santos Tower. (If the game crashes, you can restart the game to recover.)

Learn to change the required level. As usual, many players will take the simple and dishonest route to set the level they want. Nevertheless, there are some simple tricks to clear the task level, such as accepting “bribes”, performing special tasks or saving games.

Learn how to get a vehicle. Unfortunately, many of them can only be obtained through cheating. To get a cool vehicle, you may need to do something similar to cheating. For Phoenix, you can put it in the garage and it will stay there forever. The hits of monster trucks, Hotring racers and Bloodring can be achieved through ordinary game media. (Monster Truck and Hotring Racer can be obtained at Los Santos Stadium, just a few meters behind Grove Street.

It’s easy, just do PIT Maneuver to get them out of control and give you an advantage. Destroy them, in any situation. ) Hunter, Hydra and aerobatics can also be obtained without cheating, but hunters and aerobatics require you to perform some tasks in the AC Tower Graveyard, and Hydra is obtained throughout history. To obtain the aerobatic aircraft, obtain at least a silver medal in all trials in the tower. For hunters, complete all tests at the “golden” level. It may be difficult at first, but after playing for a few hours you will find it easy.

Learn to deal with shooting incidents. Usually, players will use rocket launchers to shoot. It is easier to obtain machine guns not obtained through traps, but by finding them. Minigun is very powerful because it can destroy a car with 3 bullets, and by default there are 500 bullets with Credit free 100. If you take it from Torreno Ranch (a place where powerful weapons are generated for free), you will only have 200 rounds, but if you repeatedly save and retrieve weapons, you can easily exceed 200 rounds.

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