Some things to know before consulting web design fees

Web Design Cost With the advent of the Internet e-generation, more and more people choose to invest in the best web design firms. Not only can they get more resources and attention, but they can also break the constraints of time and space, giving more users access to web design costs.

Site created by the author. In the early days of web page creation, many web designers will be looking for things like Warring States Group With the help of such companies providing different web designs services, each company’s quote will also vary.

How you choose so that you don’t spend a lot of money but become a victim. This article will prompt web designers to fully understand it.

Before requesting a quote, please clarify the website design requirements

Before looking for the best web design firms, web designers should first know what their goal is to set up a website. A few groups need to set up a site to make their own blog; some need to open their own online store; some need to advance a particular occasion, and some want to build an official website for their own brand image and website.

There are hundreds of kinds of purposes, which also affect the website designer to choose which website type to set up, choose the right website type so that the website created by The website designer is built in the right direction and has a chance to grow in the future. May further benefit.

How to choose the website type with aleph website?

1. Event page

Web Design Cost As the name suggests, the event page is a website set up specifically for a particular event. This is usually combined with incentives such as raffles or gifts to increase page views. The event page can be considered as an element in internet marketing implementation.

With regard to the event page design, the event page design is generally relatively more vibrant than other types of websites. The colour design can be more vibrant or use contrasting colours as such a design is more appealing to the viewer. Visibility improves the impression.

2. Company website

Web Design CostCorporate websites are the most common of all types of websites. They are mainly used to establish a company’s image, convey business ideas, introduce company products or provide company profiles to users for reference and direct access to company information.

Commonly used tabs for company websites contain information about us, contact details, product introduction, real-time information, etc. The overall design style of the web page is judged by the company image or the colour of the logo.

3. Ecommerce Website

The main purpose of setting up an e-commerce website is to sell goods. Therefore, the product information, images and instructions on this type of website must have a high degree of completeness, accuracy and real-time.

In addition, e-commerce websites must also pay more attention to the transaction security mechanism and the maintenance of personal information. For web page security, please refer to this article: Set up an SSL certificate to ensure the security of your website.

4. Portal

Web Design CostThe portal site is intended to organize information from various sources into a web page for presentation. Users can search or search by keywords in the portal site according to their own search purposes and needs, and further filter the required content of the portal site.

When designing the portal site it is necessary to pay attention to the information flow and information classification to improve user experience satisfaction, so that users can find the target information faster and easier.

web design plan

Currently, companies providing web design services in the market usually have the following common web design solutions:

1. Self-help plan: thousands to tens of thousands of yuan 

Self-service solutions require web designers to upload relevant information and content or add pages. Web design service companies usually only provide blank, undesigned pages to web designers.

The advantage of this is that web designers can upload their favourite designs and layouts yourself. Uploading materials yourself also eliminates the risk of incorrect planting by third-party uploads. The total costs are relatively low. However, the time and cost of subsequent design, maintenance and production materials may also differ. higher.

2. Setup plan: thousands to tens of thousands of yuan

The layout scheme is that the web designer inserts the content directly into the template designed by the designer, which is convenient but relatively standardized and sometimes encounters the dilemma of looking too high on other brands’ websites.

3. Customized plan: tens of thousands of yuan 

Custom solutions can be divided into back-end management or web design directly via HTML. In general, most companies opt for custom solutions to improve the recognition of web pages and better meet the needs of companies that design websites.

The ultimate goal of most website designs is to increase traffic and increase page dwell time to lower bounce rates. Therefore, when designing a web page, it is not only necessary to set up a website, but also in the final evaluation whether the established website can achieve the objective that the website specialist eventually needs to accomplish.

In addition, when web designers assess the cost of web design, they should not only focus on the web design service company’s first-line quote but also consider the subsequent maintenance costs and variables.

The low price of the self-service plan is very attractive, but the subsequent maintenance costs can be high and intimidating, or the layout plan is convenient, but the similarity with other brands’ websites is too high, or the template setting is not conducive to web designers.

For later customization, web designers should consider these factors when choosing a web design service company.

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