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Sigma Properties’ reputation as a significant financial company leader is made up of specific values, ideas, and business operations. They presume inconsistent progress without any end in sight. When people can’t achieve comfort, they never stay where they are; instead, they constantly search for ways to improve their company by putting their great minds and initiatives into action. They place a lot of significance on citizens and assume that the foundation of success is a team of hardworking people.

Find out about the Sigma top projects, Capital smart cities, Park View city, and Nova city.

Introduction to Sigma Properties:

Sigma Properties & Marketing (Pvt) Ltd, a figurehead in professional services throughout the Middle East since about the 1980s, is the parent company of Mir General Contracting & Maintenance Company. Sigma was established in 1993 in the United Arab Emirates. Logistics & lease management was the company’s mainstays. Sigma has been privileged to engage with influential business leaders and corporations in the Mideast and worldwide. Sigma has been working with the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Center to develop the building for the past four years.

Sigma’s Origins:

The real estate market began in 2017 for the team in Pakistan. As one of the largest property development firms in the country, Sigma has taken on such significant projects as Top City-1, Park View City, Taj Residencia, Royal Orchard Sahiwal, Sky Park, and, most recently, the first of Pakistan’s new smart cities, Capital Smart City, in only three years. Sigma Properties aims to introduce foreign business strategies by learning from multinational companies and implementing them in Pakistan. This year, Sigma has accomplished many notable projects, such as Sigma Arcade, that were executed in track time.

Since Sigma has become one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing marketing companies, it is now regarded as Pakistan’s second-fastest-growing company. They deviate from the standard methods and perceptions for running a business by prioritizing customer service over money. This management at Sigma has established an investor carer for their clientele because of their “Client First” metaphysics. They were willing to accomplish a 0% recognition rate by controlling their efforts. Customers who keep coming back to Sigma have proven their loyalty, and as a result, they value their customers highly.


Sigma garnered national and international honors for its outstanding service when Endurance Cuji required its employees not only logistical support but also transportation of over 45,000 people. It has been shown repeatedly that Sigma is the most reputable company in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Sigma was the client’s first choice within a short portion of time. The Middle East’s yet most highly regarded Car Property Show was synchronized by Sigma, which organized the Ramadan Festival.

Chairman of Sigma Properties, Faisal Akhunzada:

In the real estate business sectors of Pakistan as well as the Middle East, Faisal Akhunzada is widely recognized. He is widely known for his practice of taking Top Gun-type contracts. He fuels Sigma’s growth. Mansoor Palace & Adnec are among his many high-profile customer ventures. Pioneering Sigma Properties to higher peaks for local and international investors, he profoundly understands the industry and mental precision.

Sigma Properties’ CEO Mudasar Zaman

Mir General Contracting Company employs Mr. Mudasar Zaman, who is an executive assistant in their administrative department. Starting his career as a private developer in 2007, he moved into the real estate industry. Despite these departures, Mudasar remained an investor for the remainder of 2014. He laid the foundation for the real estate business sector during this time. He has expertise working with large corporations in a fast-paced, elevated environment, which has enhanced his financial acumen, especially when speculating and anticipating. These skills allow him to apply different principles that lead to predictable cash flows and economic benefits for investors.


  • Real-estate management

Based on the demands of the client, as well as their corporate expertise and knowledge, they will propose the best fair deal for the customer. Their clients have the benefit of getting the best property advice from Sigma Properties. Their specialized business research & business know-how skills enable them to offer you the best possibilities within your financial means. As a result, they can better fulfill your needs, both now and in the future.

  • Professional Services:

Their services include securing transaction seals at various stages of the process, such as completing legal work. They will help you distinguish the perfect place and seal the sale on your behalf. They’ve done all the required documentation work for you and have spared you time and hassle. Additionally, they instruct their clients to have total confidence in the documentation. They are always accessible to address any questions you may have with Sigma Properties.

  • Free guidance and Marketing:

Customers who have proven themselves to be loyal are entitled to free consultations with Sigma Properties and Marketing. They would happily provide you with valuable financial advice and opportunities for free. One of their primary marketing tactics is working with cutting-edge media tools like e-media and web-based platforms for mass media. Sigma Properties is an excellent marketing firm that will assist one’s company is thriving. Their expertly trained team can help you increase sales and raise your leads. We have experts on staff trained to utilize the most up-to-date modern technologies and advanced procedures when marketing their properties.


The integrity of the architectural design must be preserved even if it means a high payback on investment for customers and investors. Their primary goal is to keep the uniqueness of the product intact. They are all-in in their attempts to bring these historic landmarks back to life so that they may operate as long-term assets with a worthwhile configuration with their traditional setup.

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