What is a granny flat? A place for loved ones!

Granny flats are small houses which are built attached or a little far from the main house. They are suitable for one or two people to live in such places. Granny flats are usually built for aged people to live in. It can be used for nannies or other elders in the family so that they can live in it.

One can find cheap granny flats anywhere in the world with beneficial features. Granny flats are a miniature version of one’s main house. One can include a small-sized kitchen with a mini-fridge and a microwave. Granny flats have everything a regular-sized house would have ever. Granny flats are small and cosy for one to stay and live in.

The design of a granny flat must never be compromised and must be built just like the main house. Builders require a short period to build a granny flat. A granny flat has multiple uses.

What are the benefits of having a granny flat?

One can find cheap granny flats at an affordable price. Granny flats can have various benefits, and some of them include:

  • A granny flat can provide extra accommodation for friends, elder people and others. This will let one be close with their loved ones and stay connected at all times.
  • One can also provide granny flats to guests. If one cannot accommodate in their own house, granny flats are the best place to let them stay. One can give them privacy and comfort at your compound.
  • One can use the granny flat for work-related stuff. They can convert it into a workplace and carry out their daily meetings in the granny house. This way, you can keep a balance in both one’s personal life and professional life.
  • Granny flats can add value to the property, and the buyer will have to pay more for the granny flat apart from the main house.
  • If one has an open area in their backyard, one can utilise it by building granny flats. It can be a great way to cover the space and build a new granny flat.

What are the various materials that can be used for granny flats?

These materials are available at cheap prices on the granny flat and can give an aesthetic look to the house. Different materials can be used for making a granny flat, and some of them are:

  • Brick veneer: Brick veneer is preferred because of its classy look and always has high quality. It can easily mix with the ancient architectural style and landscape. It is used in the construction of granny flats, and it is available in different colours. This material is strong and durable.
  • Vinyl cladding: This material is great for granny flat exteriors. Granny flats made with this material are easy to maintain. They are strong, durable and can withstand any kind of damage. It is available in different colours and textures.
  • Weathertex timber: The granny flats with this material are made of a high percentage of timber and a low percentage of wax. It gives a natural look to the house. The material is non-toxic, and the coating applied is acrylic primer. This material is also eco-friendly and gives a beautiful wood texture on the outside.
  • Rendered finishes: These finishes are concrete coating applications. This finish provides a smooth and slippery texture for the house. It is available in different finishes and colours. It will give a gorgeous finish to the granny flat.
  • Bricks: Bricks can also be used in the construction of a granny flat. Some of the types of bricks that can be used are burnt clay bricks, sand-lime bricks, concrete bricks and many more. This will not require any kind of painting and regular maintenance. Bricks will, on their own, give texture and look to the house.

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