Choose VPS Hosting India from Serverwala to Quickly Scale your Company

Are you looking to scale the business website of your company? The first and foremost thing to do is upgrading your hosting server so that the workload and efficient performance of the website can be maintained. The most affordable and effective hosting server you can switch to is the Serverwala VPS Hosting India. It provides the perfect hosting solution for your website’s seamless performance while it advances. In this article, you will get insightful detail about Serverwala’s virtual private server hosting in India. However, let us first define VPS India and highlight why your company should hop on it when it comes to scaling up. 

What is VPS Hosting and why Companies should choose it?

VPS hosting is devised through virtualization technology. Unlike shared server hosting, it provides a private as well as an independent hosting platform to host your website. The virtual private servers are basically virtual spaces that are formed by partitioning a physical server into smaller compartments through a ‘Hypervisor’ software. Each compartment is what we call VPS and is assigned to an individual user. 

Thus, you can infer that the India VPS is a type of hosting server, which is running within another. The physical server tends to host many virtual private servers that are isolated from each other. They also do not affect the functioning and operations of each other. That means, your VPS will not stop working due to anything wrong that might happen with some other VPS.

Moreover, the virtual private server comes at a feasible price even after rendering the hosting environment similar to a dedicated server. That is because you do not purchase the entire server but the server space to host your website. So, it can also be said that the India VPS hosting is an intermediate between shared and dedicated hosting. Consequently, you become capable of growing and scaling your company at minimal cost with acquiring the most advantages of dedicated server hosting. 

Further, you get your own instance of an operating system with the VPS Hosting India. You can also reboot your server independently. Apart from this, you obtain the following privileges – 

  • Your website gets a unique IP address.
  • You get the root access to your virtual private server.
  • The India VPS comes with high security due to its private hosting environment. 
  • Your website owns the dedicated resources.

Benefits you will get with VPS Hosting India

With the India VPS hosting, your company can have the following significant benefits for its website. Let’s check them out.

Software freedom

You can pick the most compatible operating system for your website. At the same time, you can choose to run any applications and programs needed.

Multiple domain hosting

Many times, when your web business grows, you might require to run more than one website. The India VPS allows you to run multiple websites without compromising on the web business performance.

Improved reliability

You get high reliability with the virtual private server. It enables your website to handle the traffic peaks with utmost ease without facing any downtime. Moreover, you also acquire high scalability. Thus, you can scale up your resources flexibly whenever required. 

Better SEO ranking

The India VPS hosting provides better security and intensified performance of your website while increasing its loading speed. This makes your website score better ranking on search engines. 

Now all the privileges and benefits that can come with VPS hosting are granted by a well-reputed hosting company. Thus, in the subsequent section, let’s learn about the industry-leading Serverwala hosting company rendering the best hosting facilities with its VPS. 

Why is Serverwala our top pick for India VPS Hosting?

Serverwala is one of the renowned, and fastest growing web hosting companies. It is popularly known for providing the cheap VPS Hosting India with high-class hosting services. You will have the support of top-tier equipment and the highest network connectivity with your virtual private server. Furthermore, the company’s VPS comes with the mentioned below crucial features – 


Your website acquires the security-as-a-service with the company’s VPS hosting service. You will get DDoS protection, SSL, data encryption, along with other high-level security measures to secure your data from all malicious threats. 

1 GBPS Network Speed

The company’s India VPS comes with secure connections and a resilient network of 1GBPS. Your website will be able to experience a twenty-times faster connectivity speed.

Monthly 50 TB Data Transfer

Your website will attain unlimited bandwidth and allowance up to 50 TB of monthly data transfer with the virtual private server’s plan.

99.9% Uptime Network

The company will provide your website with a 99.99% uptime network with redundant power. Thus, you will be able to have high-tech network flexibility with zero downtime. 

Final Words

 You will get constant and prompt technical support from the Serverwala company with all its managed and unmanaged India VPS hosting plans. The company’s professionals are available 24/7/365 to provide their expertise and the most accessible solutions to your problems. You can also reach out to them before purchasing the hosting plan through the company’s customer support service if you have got any queries. Or, you can right away visit Serverwala’s detailed website to know further about its Cheap VPS Hosting India –