Host Website On Serverwala Dedicated Server in Kolkata With High Performance

Are you receiving complaints from your customers that your website is running slow? Is your website encountering downtime quite often? Or,  Are you witnessing a decline in your web traffic? If any of these is true for you, it is high time to upgrade your hosting server to a dedicated server in Kolkata with some reliable hosting company.

Here we will provide insights into Serverwala dedicated server kolkata that helps to overcome all the issues you might be facing while hosting your website. Also, it ensures the high performance of your website amidst all the situations. However, let us figure out first why to upgrade only to a dedicated server. 

Definition of Dedicated Server Kolkata

The dedicated server in Kolkata makes you host your website on an entire single server. Unlike shared server hosting, you do not need to share the space of your server with others’ websites. Moreover, all the resources of the server also function for your website. Consequently, your website does not have to struggle for utilizing resources anytime. The high availability of resources with kolkata dedicated server hosting enables your website to avoid downtime and acquire maximum uptime. Also, you are not worried about the workload that might come on your server when you host your website on a dedicated server. Move to the subsequent section to know the benefits that the dedicated server can provide to your website. 

Benefits of Using a Kolkata Dedicated Server

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Speed and agility

Since your website acquires the dedicated resources, there is no chance that any other website can take away the resources and affect your website’s agility. The dedicated server hosting in kolkata brings speed to your website’s operations. And, at your visitors’ end, the website has a fast loading time. 

High Security 

Your website obtains a private and isolated hosting environment with a dedicated server in Kolkata. As a result, your data cannot be modified and manipulated by any outer source. You get protection against all data breaches and security threats. Moreover, you have the power to execute any layers of protection on your server or website to secure your data from any malicious action. 

Root Control

You are provided with the root control of your dedicated server from your hosting provider. This authority permits you to take charge of the software as well as the hardware of the server. You can set up their configuration as per the requirements of your website. 


Unlike shared server hosting, you can run any operating system on your dedicated server kolkata that supports your website the best. Further, you can operate all the applications and software needed to make the functioning of your website smooth. 


You acquire the flexibility to run your server as you want. With the development of your website, you can scale up your web resources such as extensive networks, disk space, etc.,  if your applications demand them. 

To ensure the usage of all the above benefits effectively and your website becomes capable of providing high performance, you need to seek the right hosting company. After much research, we can recommend the Serverwala hosting company that offers the perfect dedicated hosting plan for your website. Let’s read further about it in the next section. 

About: Serverwala Cloud Data Center 

Serverwala is an industry-leading hosting company renowned for rendering the best-dedicated server in Kolkata. The company intends to provide high-grade dedicated hosting services at the most affordable prices. When it comes to service costing, Serverwala also aims to render full transparency to its customers. You will be offered access to the billing dashboard from the company. This will enable you to track the clear charges of the hosting services being provided. Moreover, your website will deliver optimal performance at every stage with the support of the company’s enterprise-grade hardware based on advanced technology. 

Serverwala Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plans in Kolkata

You will get to choose from numerous hosting plans of a dedicated server in Kolkata with the company. They all can be upgraded easily as and when your website requires. Your website will get a 99.99% uptime guarantee with the Serverwala dedicated server Kolkata. Each plan is also highly customizable and flexible for hosting a growing website. Moreover, the company provides the assurance of 24/7 technical assistance from its expert team. You will acquire the prompt response and most accessible solutions to your server issues if faced with any. 

Why Host with Serverwala’s Kolkata Dedicated Server?

You can understand the significance of the Serverwala dedicated server in Kolkata by going through its features given below – 

  • Support for Hardware RAID – 0, 1, 5, 10
  • Unlimited bandwidth along with the fastest network
  • Private VLAN Subnets
  • Robust network connectivity consolidated amidst the multiple Internet Exchanges
  • Service level agreement with all the dedicated server hosting plans
  • Resilient and latest hardware tools for boosting website performance
  • SSH Root Control
  • Firewall protection along with other most distinguished data security measures with each server
  • Secure networking with no interference by external networks
  • Additional services, for example, billing traders’ accounts, client administration software, etc.

What Do Their Customers Say About Them?

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Knowing the customers’ feedback can provide you with insights about whether you are picking the right Kolkata dedicated server for your website or not. It also tells much about the company’s integrity and whether it provides what it claims. Thus, check out what customers’ feedback says about the Serverwala dedicated server in Kolkata. 


The Serverwala hosting company offers fully managed dedicated hosting services to those new to the industry or who lack time to handle the server themselves. If you are still gobbled about switching to kolkata dedicated server hosting, contact right away to the company’s professionals. The company renders round-the-clock customer support service. The professionals are available on different mediums such as Skype, Whatsapp, Email, Live Chat, etc. They provide instant responses to your inquiries. Furthermore, you can also visit the company’s website to get detailed information about its dedicated server in Kolkata.