Head Stud bolts are bolts that have male threads on both ends, also known as “Studs bolts” in English, also known as “implanted bolts”. The characteristic of stud bolts is that they have only a shaft and no head shape. After implanting one side in a machine/device, it is used to attach parts to the other and tighten them with nuts to fix them. Generally, the stud bolts provide by tracktechfasteners.com have slightly thicker and shorter threads on the implant side. This is to prevent the implant side from coming off when the nut is loosened.

Features of head stud:

  • Strong against the axial pull.
  • Can be repeatedly attached and detached.
  • Since there is no head shape, it is easy to process even if it becomes long.
  • Easy to inspect strength.

Applications for stud bolts:

Due to these characteristics, stud bolts are used in various places such as automobiles and machinery.

  • Axle flange part of the automobile.
  • Brake drum.
  • Wheel.
  • Cylinder head
  • guide·
  • engine.
  • Mechanical device cover.
  • Crane.

Of course, it is used for fixing, but it is also used for parts that can be removed repeatedly, and conversely, for places that cannot be removed semi-permanently once tightened. Another advantage of stud bolts is that they can be easily positioned when mounting parts.

Differences between stud bolts and weld bolts:

Weld bolts are often confused with stud bolts. Both are sometimes used for welding purposes, but there are a number of differences, including shape. Weld bolts are the type of bolts that are welded to a metal plate. Weld bolts have a projection for welding on the head of the bolt, so bypassing the head through the hole in the metal plate and welding, it is possible to firmly join the bolt and nut. .. Therefore, it is often used for joining screws in automobile sheet metal, electrical appliances manufacturing, construction work, etc., which are difficult to join with general bolts and nuts.

What is a welded bolt? Origin and characteristics / special cases:

On the other hand, the characteristic of stud bolts is that they have no head shape only on the shaft, and after implanting one side in a machine/device, they are used to attach parts to the other and tighten them with nuts to fix them. In addition, if bolts need to be attached to precision sheet metal parts, weld bolts may be inserted from the back of the sheet metal parts and the bolt heads may be welded from the backside.

However, since welding is performed from the back, the welding time becomes long, and welding distortion occurs, so it is often a problem that finishing work is required. In such cases, using stud bolts instead of weld bolts will not cause distortion or burning due to welding, leading to a reduction in finishing man-hours. Also, while weld bolts use fillet welding, stud bolts use stud welding, which reduces welding time. Therefore, by using stud bolts, it is possible to reduce the work man-hours related to welding.

What are the features of head stud bolts provided by a special screw :

Head Stud bolts and weld bolts are some of the fastening parts that special screw rivet manufacturing.com specializes in. We manufacture various fasteners and have responded to the demands of designers in various industries such as furniture, automobiles, and construction. We handle low head screws of various materials such as iron, stainless steel, copper, brass, and carbon steel. Therefore, it is possible to propose the optimum material according to the customer’s intended use.

It operates special screw and rivet manufacturing .com, has been manufacturing and secondary processing various special screws and custom rivets as one of Japan’s leading professionals in secondary processing and the cold forging of screws. We also have a strong network built with threading suppliers across the country.

Therefore, we can not only make VA / VE proposals but also make cost reduction proposals based on the optimum screw processing supplier, so we can deliver the optimum products to our customers. In other words, we are able to provide fastener parts that are cheaper and more in line with customer requests compared to screw trading companies that are not very familiar with processing technology, and for these reasons, they have been supported by major manufacturers.