As for cold weather the material of our clothing is very important, synthetic fibers are much warmer than natural fibers such as Cotton, Linen, Bamboo, etc.

That is why when you choose a fishing shirt or shirt for fishing in hot weather, I recommend you use these fibers and if you can get UV protection, much better since many times, even if you fish with long sleeves, UV rays penetrate the fabric and burn your skin, I highly recommend the Columbia and Worldwide sportsman shirts, both have a women’s line and the second is much cheaper than the first, they have mixtures of fibers that are very light and very fresh with UV protection.

-My best recommendation in garments, in this case, is the Buff, this small garment can avoid burns on the neck, face, and ears, the Angler collection has 95% UV protection, odor control, and Coolmax that keeps moisture away from your skin and body temperature, there are many very cool fishing designs that you can combine with your shirt and cap and thus look beautiful and protected from harmful UV rays …

-In the matter of sunscreen I have some very good recommendations, But remember that the skin of your lips is the most delicate and you must protect them as well as the ears, neck, hands, and face.

For this I highly recommend the Eclipse 80 sunscreen for delicate skin, it is not so greasy, it does not have as much perfume and it protects you throughout the day if you do not like to get your hands dirty with sunscreen I recommend the Hawaiian Tropic ozone stick bars It is a bar that you put directly on your face, like deodorant, it has a UV protection of 50, a very neutral smell and it does not feel greasy on the face, it does not run and it lasts all day and it is very economical. For the lips, I also highly recommend Hawaiian protectors have 45 protection and they smell delicious! Labello also has 30 lip balms and Banana boat, it is an excellent investment since they last a long time and keep your lips moisturized and protected.

-It is difficult for sunscreen to last a long time on your hands, so I recommend the use of gloves with a light layer of sunscreen under them, special gloves for fishing with UV protection are very expensive so I recommend them by Nike for spinning, they are very comfortable, made of thin fabric on the top and padded in the palm, they do not get so hot and they keep your hands protected.

This is the most important Tip since the heat not only causes discomfort when fishing, it can become dangerous due to the time we spend in the sun, so I ask you to take these little tips into account so that your day in hot weather is as safe as possible


-It is very important to cover your trunk to keep you warm but even more important is to keep your head, hands, and feet warm.

Always try to use a synthetic fiber hat, they are much hotter than cotton ones (those made of Polar fabric are super cheap and super hot), if the gloves get in the way of fishing, I recommend you buy the ones that do not have fingers and but if this It is not enough to keep your hands warm you can use thin synthetic fiber under which they do not have fingers, if they are thin they will not hinder you to fish and you will be warm, try not to squeeze you so that the blood can circulate.

For the feet, try to use socks that do not tighten you and blood can circulate well, again, the material of the garments is what makes them less or warmer, not so much if they are thick or thin, being thick they can make you tighten the shoe and therefore the blood flow will decrease which will make you feel colder.

-If you are going to fish from the shore and it may be wet, you can wear rubber boots but try to wear them over your pants and with socks so that the cold plastic does not cool your feet so much and try to carry a change of clothes in your backpack or in the car. socks and boots.

-Wear layers of clothing, a sweater under the jacket, a thermal shirt under the sweater, etc.… If you only wear a jacket and the temperature starts to rise a bit, you may be hot with it on but cold if you take it off.

-If you do air, the most important thing is to use a windbreaker or jacket with a windbreaker coating. Nylon windbreakers are very inexpensive but try to always wear them over a sweatshirt or sweater since they do not heal by themselves, their purpose is to prevent the wind from penetrating your clothes and cooling you down. (Be careful!

-It is very important to take into account that even on cloudy days the sun burns the skin, that is why I recommend using sunscreen since it also protects your skin from the icy air that burns your skin. My recommendation for sunscreen is ECLIPSOL SPF 80, you can lower the protection factor on cloudy days but I use that because you never know when the sun will come out, right? I recommend putting it on from home avoiding the area near the eyes because if it gets in through sweat, water, or humidity, it burns a lot.

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Eating well and staying hydrated is an essential point to maintain your body temperature and always remember that the material of the garments is what makes them more not less warm, look for synthetic fiber garments that are not so thick so that you can move comfortably and FISHING