Best Online Games to Practice English

You might have experienced that learning English needs more practice than just studying. It happens with me every time that whenever I try to learn some English vocabulary in my speaking or writings if I have memorized the word it will never come to my mind at time when it is needed. However, if I start using that word in my everyday talks and practice it then I can easily use it any time I need. 

Therefore, practice is more important than studying to learn English. The good news for you is that it becomes easier to practice English now than earlier because of the online apps and software. Now, there is no need to spend much getting admission in colleges or universities for short courses to learn English. The online games are the bests to practice and learn English language. 

We have provided here a list of some best online games to practice English for you. These are best as they allow you to interact with your teammates as well, which is necessary for improving your speaking and listening skills. Therefore, these games are highly educational and fun at the same time. 

  1. FluentU

FluetU is an amazing platform for the language learners. The app is suitable for all levels. It transforms the real-world videos into online games for practicing English. The key feature of the website is that it keeps the record of your learning process that where you were in the last lesson. Moreover, it saves the record of the vocabulary and gives extra time for the difficult words. Furthermore, the website itself reminds you to learn the lessons when time comes.

  1. Five Words

This is an interesting and helpful game to increase your vocabulary. In this online game, there are various categories such as food, sports, drinks etc. and you have to add five words for each category. This activity will help to boost your mind and increase your vocabulary while practicing. Moreover, there are different levels in the game from basic to intermediate and then to advance. You can start from any level you want based on your own skill level.

  1. The Grammar of Doom

This online game is for an intermediate and advanced level learners. ‘The Grammar of Doom’ is an adventure type of game in which you have to find out hidden secrets from an old and magical building. There are puzzles in every room of the building need to be solved using different English words or sentences. Moreover, you can move to the next room once you solve the puzzle in the first one. There are almost ten rooms means there are ten levels in the game. This is a great chance for you to practice English while using your vocabulary and sentences repeatedly.  

  1. Word Hunt

Word Hunt is a great medium of learning and practicing English language. It is suitable for all age groups. Moreover, it can be used individually or in small and large groups as well. This online game helps students to enhance their vocabulary and teaches the spelling patterns. Furthermore, it guides you how to use a particular word in different contexts. To play this game, first you have to introduce the reading material such as a book or a topic. Then, select a particular portion of the book or topic and start reading. Read the passage many time to find out the find required for the particular pattern. This reading activity helps you to connect the spelling and reading words.

These are some of the best online games to practice English. Try out these, the result will surely surprise you. Moreover, these are interesting enough to indulge you more into these type of activities. Furthermore, if you are looking for more methods of learning the trivia quizzes are best alternative.