Menswear Style Guide

We all are aware of how rapidly the Pakistani fashion industry has grown in the past few years. The rising talent of new fashion designers and new brands creating pieces for the customers of all sorts with their unique ideas and fashion inspiration has made the designer clothing everyone’s favourite. We have seen how women are into fashion and talk about clothes and purchase them to stand out of the crowd but have you ever noticed how much the men’s fashion industry has grown.

Everyone always talks about how amazing the women’s clothing collections are in Pakistan. But today, I researched menswear and was fascinated by how amazing collections the designers and brands have created. From casuals to formals, menswear is elegant and shows the correct dominance and individuality in each clothing piece of every designer that is making them. Brands like BTW, Edenrobe, Limelight and Hira Ali Studios have been making the most affordable and intricate kurtas that are the perfect fit for your Eid days and festive wear. BTW and Edenrobe have revamped the oxford and polo shirt collection that can be used on a casual day when you do not want to put a lot of effort into clothing but still want to look presentable. The kurtas and pajamas are the most famous after shalwar kameez in menswear for a casual outfit. The color choices and stitching including the embroidery on the kurtas is so intricate and describes the personality.

When it comes to formal and professional wear suits – Dynasty and Rici Melion are the first two designer names that come in my mind instantly which provide the tailor made and stitched to perfection suits that are the best purchase for you to wear on an important meeting of office and the attire when you’re the boss of the company or even the head of a department. Clothing really does make you stand out and shows authority and individuality. The business casual collection of menswear in Pakistan is also the highlight of men’s clothing and the most famous when you are working in an environment where you need to choose comfort before fashion. The brands are continuously working in creating the correct pieces. The power dressing of menswear has to be the most attractive. From the time of movie – Godfather, the concept of power dressing came and designers and brands in Pakistan have worked in creating those pieces for the Pakistani men as well which definitely is the most elite collection of men. Patterned shirts with power ties and suspenders along with ankle length pants and shoes completes the look.

Letsnow talk about the sherwanis and wedding outfits in men’s clothing. MNR dressed and designed Ranveer Singh for a magazine shoot and he has been the talk of the town after that collaboration due to him creating pieces of suits and festive occasions that are remarkable and non imitable. The king feels that the dulhas of today will have the sherwanis by MNR, Mushq and Souchaj. These designers and brands are creating the royal sherwanis and collection that is favourite of all the men who are true fashion geeks. MNR has not only created formals but he came up with a casual collection as well which had us all in awe with the color combinations and patterns. Faiza Saqlain launched a collection of formals that should be your first choice while looking for mehndi occasions when you are the groom and even for your groomsmen as well.

In Pakistan, the menswear industry is growing and all the designers and fashion brands are creating collections with the finest and quality fabric and intricate detailing on them that is worth purchasing. At LAAM, all the brands mentioned above are available for menswear. Ansab Jahangir, Mushq, Hira Ali Studio, MNR, Rici Melion, Dynasty, BTW, Edenrobe and Limelight – all the collections by them are available at amazing discounted prices as well. Experience online shopping with a platform like LAAM where you can consult with fashion consultants for free about finding the right color and right outfit for you.