An Informative Guide on Custom Cigars Boxes and its Packaging

Recreation is very important for a healthy lifestyle. There are many sources of recreation. Some people like to watch movies. Whereas, others like to read books. Still, others like gardening or other activities. However, some people smoke when they get idle time. This helps them to relax a bit. It relaxes their mind. It calms their senses. Furthermore, it helps them to focus better. There are different smoking products these days. Cigarettes are more common these days. However, people who like vintage products are into the cigar. Cigars are much older than cigarettes. Moisture and other factors can affect the cigar. Therefore, we pack cigars in Custom Cigar Boxes.

Why do people smoke?

There are no proven benefits of the cigar. At least none that science has proved. It is quite dangerous. Still, people are addicted to smoking. Why does it make them feel better?

We can find the answer hidden in components of cigars and cigarettes. These contain tobacco and nicotine. Nicotine affects the nervous system. It makes the person dependent on it. Therefore, he cannot live without nicotine. His body starts to feel anxious after a break. Thereafter, when he smokes, he feels relaxed. This relaxation is not due to the health benefits of cigars. It is actually due to the need of the body. When the body gets nicotine, it feels relaxed.

How is a cigar unique from a cigarette?

It usually confuses people. They usually separate them on basis of size. However, this is not the only difference. Even though both cigars and cigarettes contain tobacco, but they differ in their covering. Companies use paper to cover tobacco in cigarettes. Whereas, in the case of the cigar, they cover tobacco with a tobacco leaf. This gives a more natural smoke. The cigar was common in the old days as well. Paper was not common in those days. Therefore, people used tobacco leaves to cover tobacco.

In addition to that, cigars and cigarettes also differ in nicotine content. A cigar has much more nicotine content than a cigarette. Cigar contains 100 to 200ml of nicotine in one piece. In contrast to that, a cigarette contains 10ml of nicotine in each piece. That is why chronic smokers prefer cigars. It provides them more nicotine. Therefore, it fulfills their cravings. However, protect your cigars in the durable cigar boxes.

Status of cigar nowadays:

Nowadays, the cigar is used much less for smoking. Instead, it now represents class and elegance. People keep old and vintage cigars in their houses. People use them as decoration pieces. As they tend to be the symbol of elegance and luxury many people also collect Cuban cigars. Romeo y Julieta Churchill, Trinidad vigia or Trinidad fundadores can be a good addition to the collection. If you like the combination of honey, coffee and vanilla Trinidad fundadores are the right choices as they offer the perfect combination of these tastes. Cigars add a touch of history to a place. Restaurants use them to increase the ambiance of the area. They add a vintage effect to the place. Many older people are still a fan of cigars. They are not a fan of cigarettes. Therefore, even these days, they only smoke a cigar. It gives them a good smoke. Consequently, the cigar is still dominating the market. 

Components of cigar:

We make cigar from three constituents.

First of all, is the filler. This is the filling of the cigar. Tobacco leaves make up the filler. But we break down these leaves into smaller pieces.

Tobacco leaf is present outside the filler as a second layer. This layer is called the binder. It contains one or two tobacco leaves. These cover the filler leaves. Their quality is not much important.

We call the outermost covering the wrapper. It is made up of a single tobacco leaf. The quality of this leaf is important. Therefore, companies use the highest quality leaves for the wrapper.

All these layers form the cigar. Companies pack cigars in wholesale cigar boxes.

Manufacturing of the cigar:

Cigar manufacturing consists of several steps. These steps are explained as follows:

Growing Tobacco plants:

Most companies that make cigars cultivate their tobacco plants. This keeps the quality under check. At first, these plants are sown indoor. After a gap of about three weeks, these are cultivated outdoors. It is a slow-growing plant. It may take several months to give the product.

Curing the leaves:

Once we obtain the leaves, we cure them. This means that we dry the green leaves. Eventually, they are converted into dry brown leaves. These leaves are used as filler. Whereas, leaves that make the wrapper are protected from the sun. We need to maintain their quality. That is why companies provide them best conditions. It uplifts the quality.

Fermenting the leaves:

This process includes placing the leaves in a box. This process can stretch for a year. First, companies catalog the leaves. They separate large, fine leaves for the wrapper. After that, they pack the leaves into boxes. Then they keep these boxes indoor. This process is called fermentation.

Stripping the leaves:

In this process, companies remove the central vein from filler leaves. Leaves will not burn evenly if companies do not do this. Machines carry out this process. Whereas, if needed, manual labor can also complete the task. Workers compile the leaves after this process. Then they roll these leaves into the cigar box.

Rolling the leaves:

This process can be carried out by machines as well as workers. The purpose of both is the same. It converts flat leaves into the circular filler. Workers then cover the filler with another layer. We call this layer a binder. There is another layer outside the binder. Workers roll a large leaf around the binder. Quality of this leaf is important. We call it the wrapper. This completes the manufacturing of cigars.

Packing the cigars:

After this, companies pack cigars in Custom Cigar Boxes. This is very important. Cigars are sensitive to damage. If they become moist, they are useless. Custom Cigar Boxes protect them from damage. This is why these boxes are very important for companies. Let us examine their importance:

Why are these boxes important for companies?

Less Costly and more effective:

Wholesale cigar boxes are not much expensive. Companies can get them at wholesale rates.

This reduces the financial burden on the companies. Therefore, companies can focus more on the quality of the product. Moreover, this gives freedom to the companies. Custom cigar boxes wholesale packaging is a game-changer. Many companies have benefitted from it. Still, others are trying various kinds of custom cigar boxes.

Make the product attractive:

Companies want the product to be attractive. That is why companies use custom cigar boxes. These boxes make the cigars more alluring. It attracts more customers. It helps the company to grow. That is why companies are experimenting with the use of custom cigar boxes wholesale packaging. This reduces the cost.

Boost the sales of the company:

Companies use wholesale cigar boxes to reduce manufacturing costs. Furthermore, it also makes the product charming. People buy such products. Companies benefit more by contacting cigar boxes wholesale dealers. They further help the company to grow and become popular.

Are environment friendly:

The cigar is harmful to health. In contrast to that, wholesale cigar boxes do not harm the environment. There is now great unrest amongst the people. It is due to the declining environmental standard. Companies can make a great fortune by using this fact. Companies can publicize that they use eco-friendly boxes. This will attract more customers. People feel more confident in the company. It helps the company to establish itself. Cigar boxes wholesale manufacturers produce these boxes from recyclable material. Companies can recycle these boxes. This increases the importance of these boxes.

We can customize them easily:

This fact is most important for companies. It helps companies to choose a perfect box. This increases the demand for the product. Here is a list of some customizations that companies can choose from:

Customizations in length and dimensions:

This option helps the companies to produce a box that matches the size of the cigar. This is very important. It protects the cigar from damage. Moreover, it does not let the moisture affect the cigar. In addition to that, it maintains the top quality of the cigar. Cigar boxes should also fit in the hand easily. Customers like this.

Customizations in color:

Companies can use different colors for the box. Mostly, they use decent and sober colors. However, nowadays youngsters have also started smoking the cigar. Therefore, companies have started to use more funky colors. It attracts young buyers. People like boxes with unique color combinations. It looks more vibrant. Furthermore, product stands out on display shelves, when companies use attractive boxes for its packaging.

Customizable logos:

Logos are very important for companies. This is because people recognize companies by their logos. Therefore, companies need to use attractive logos. Attractive logos attract more customers. Hence, companies use the latest graphic tools to produce an alluring logo. A logo should be emphasizing. Moreover, it should captivate the buyers. Customization helps companies to achieve this goal. That is why custom cigar boxes are touching the peaks of popularity. They make the product stand out when it is placed on display shelves.