Best Tube Clamps On The Market

Are you having trouble finding the best tube clamps on the market? Then, we’ve got you covered. Check out steel tube clamps that are on the market today!

The best tubular pipe clamps are available for purchase on the market today. These tubular pipe clamps are ideal for any homeowner who may want to install new plumbing in the home. Though you may already know this, these tubular pipe clamps are not only suitable for installing new plumbing. They are also good for DIY plumbing projects.

What is it about tubular fittings that make them so popular?

Tube clamps are simple to use and provide a great deal of versatility. You don’t need specific equipment or welding skills to construct one of our structures. The variety we offer is flexible enough to handle even the most challenging changes in gradient and direction.

 In addition, we provide tubular fittings for the construction of hand railings that are compliant with Building Regulations Part M and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

The Best Steel Tube Clamps

Still haven’t decided what tube clamps suit your projects? Here are the steel tube clamps that are top on the market

101-A / Short Tee Galvanised – £1.82

They are commonly used to join the upright to the top rail or the end or mid-rail to the upright on a straight and level guardrail. Tubes cannot be connected within a 101; instead, use a 104 to join pipes within the fitting. For two rail guardrail construction, this fitting was used in combination with the 119.

104-A / Long Tee Galvanised – £3.65

It usually connects the top rail to the upright on a straight and level fence. Inside a 104 fitting, this long tee galvanised can join tubes. For two rail guardrail construction, this fitting is used in combination with the 119.

 116-A / 3 Way Through Galvanised – £3.88

This three-way galvanised connects the mid-rails to the upright at a 90-degree corner on a straight and level guardrail system. When constructing a two-rail guardrail system, this fitting is typically utilised with the 128 fittings.

119-A / Two Socket Cross Galvanised – £3.08

This two-socket cross galvanised is commonly used on the straight and level guardrails to join the upright to the mid-rail. The upright must be continuous while the cross rails cut off. When constructing a two-rail railing, this fitting is commonly utilised with the 104.

122-C / Acute Angle Elbow (30 to 45°) Galvanised – £11.86

 A sloping tube and end post need to be connected. An acute angle elbow galvanised is what you use on stair rail between 30° and 45°.

124-B / Variable Elbow (15 to 60°) Galvanised – £4.22

A flexible elbow for attaching two tubes together at angles ranging from 15° to 60° on handrails or guardrails. By using this fitting, you may prevent bending tubing altogether.

125-A / 90° Elbow Galvanised – £2.17

Top rail to a suitable connector, often seen in the straight and level guardrail. These are often used with the 101 fittings when creating an end post for a two-rail guardrail system. This fitting may also be used to make a 90° curve.

Why Do We Like Them?

These steel tube clamps are suitable for many projects like agriculture, construction and even landscaping. These are built with high-quality materials for stability and longevity.