Why Use Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp In Your Office Décor?

For most of you, your offices are your second home. You cannot pass the days without working even for a bit! These spaces bring so much excitement and a whole new level of zest for life. It gives you a long urged purpose. To do something for yourselves, for the mass. So, the reason behind such wholehearted efforts is quite evident. Sometimes, while working you don’t even realize that you need to get energized with something positive again and again, without fail. The best brains need ample amounts of rest and rejuvenation. Now, a change should always be considered while carrying out our usual tasks. Your office desks, walls, and entrances should be decorated with something new and unique every once in a while! A little bit of change is quite necessary, isn’t it? For that matter, a Himalayan rock salt lamp can be the pick that you’ve been looking for, for so long! It is quite cool to have something which others have not got hold of yet. Trendy, modern, beneficial! It covers them all.

To give a brief overview. Pink salt comes from Khewra salt mines ranging from reddish pink to off-white colors. The pink color comes from the high concentration of minerals. All these factors make the lamp glow brighter and create a very calming ambience with improved moods.

Right now, your office space might have wall-hangings, some quotes inscribed, some photo frames, some deadline notes, some books and some huge lot of trophies of achievement! Considering something which is least expected on anyone’s tables is going to make you feel more thoughtful. There would be instances wherein many of us try to find out the concrete reasons as to why to invest in something of which we have hardly heard of!  The same goes with office employees/ employers like you who are right now trying to find out about the benefits of this unique installation.

Why the pink Himalayan rock salt lamp deserves to be around you:

Boosted energy:

One quality which this lamp possesses is that it produces negative ions which later creates positivity around and an exceptional feeling because of these ions. Positive ions are said to deplete the body’s energy levels to a great extent. But, these yield negative ions that produce an opposite effect and give you a rejuvenating feeling like that having felt in nature. Decorating your office spaces with a Himalayan rock salt lamp will bring you closer to nature and its supposed healing benefits.

Neutralizes electromagnetic radiation:

Since the world works digitally now, especially after the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, you are more exposed to EM radiation via your laptops, computers, phones, TVs etc. These devices release positive ions constantly which in turn results in spreading out a lot of negativity around you.

Altered moods, fatigue, stress etc. If you opt to buy a Himalayan salt lamp online,  a significant amount of EM radiation neutralization might also take place to help you with this harmful onset. Apart from this there are a lot of benefits of Salt Lamp.

No bad odours:

Not all of us are okay with closed space odor around us. When one goes to their workspaces especially, terrible odor problems are faced. This could be your colleague munching over some snacks that might leave a lasting odor in the room, or super less attention paid to hygiene which might make you go crazy. You have no option, but to adjust and settle. There is still something very worthy and positive to treasure your miseries just like placing a Himalayan rock salt lamp at your desks.

It helps in cleaning the air through this process called ‘hygroscope’, wherein the lamp absorbs all the present contaminated water molecules from your immediate environment and traps them into the salt crystal. This operation has a splendid ability to remove cigarette smoke smell, dust and other contaminants from the air.  The presence of salty air might act as an overall health booster and can help clear the air passages. Try it for yourself!

Improved moods and concentration:

It is claimed that the negative ions exposed by a pink Himalayan rock salt lamp increase your blood and oxygen supplies to the brain. They provide an intense kick start to your neurotransmitter system which results in the boost of serotonin. This can make you feel happy and additionally, also help you with increased concentration levels. So, those who are suffering from any anxiety or depression disorders can also benefit from this sparkling happiness around them. 

Boosting blood flow:

Some studies have claimed that the negative ions released by these lamps boost up the body’s blood flow. The vascular system may show a positive response along with recovering some lung damages with its help. This will give you more energy and enthusiasm to carry out your office tasks. All the stress and anxiety may be left aside if you choose to buy Himalayan salt lamp online. 

Promotes Relaxation:

A Himalayan pink salt lamp can be used as an aid in color therapy as well. All your mid-day blues can be treated with the production of soft hues of ambient colors like orange, yellow, red. This will help you treat some common troubles faced such as stress, ADHD etc. Placing it to spruce up your office décor space will lead to an enhanced spiritual, emotional and physical balance.

Releases calm energies that aid respiratory issues:

Pink rock salt lamps are believed to filter dust particles from indoor air. Interestingly, it helps in elevating all kinds of allergy symptoms. So, it is supposedly a good relief for breathing-related issues like asthma, bronchitis etc.

At HaveRaw, we recommend you make it a part of your life because it has a very calm and soothing effect from the energy it releases. The cheerful vibes from each lamp are going to be beneficial in long-term aspects of life. Each lamp crafted is unique in its shape and color. Also, it earns brownie points for being an environmentally friendly source of producing light, with very little energy consumption. These are very classic pieces and would be the most peaceful additions to your workspace. Something not seen very often! You can place your orders by reaching out to us via e-mail at care@haveraw.com or call us at +919974532564. HaveRaw promises to bring the best quality products to you without any compromise and a value for money. Our team would be honored to assist you with the easy-going purchase process. As you buy from us, you not only stand as our customer but a valuable member of our newly built family. Hence, you can buy Himalayan salt lamp from us without any hesitation. You can also pick pink rock salt for a change in your diet and experience a healthy (s)alternative for your day to day lifestyle. We would suggest you do your research properly and consult your doctor before changing anything in your diet to avoid any allergic reaction.