Product Launch Marketing Plan for Early Adopters

Did you know that ninety percent of new online products fail within the first three days? Let’s not wait any longer! It is time that you start making your company more profitable by adding product launch marketing to your arsenal of internet marketing tools. This is a system that allows you to get the attention of your customers and build up your reputation before you ever even launch your product. So many companies waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising that just doesn’t work.

How Product Launch Marketing Works

When a company decides to launch a new product or service it will spend months trying to refine its concept, market it, and gain pre-launch publicity. All of this will have been done before product development had even started. By launching without thorough product development, you risk being one of the few businesses that didn’t jump on the bandwagon. If no one knows about your product launching, there is no money in it, and no one will be buying it.

Social Media

The goal of a product launch marketing campaign is to use social media as a platform to launch your product with pre-selling content and pre-loading advertising. This allows the user to become accustomed to the product quickly while allowing the business to have content marketing and advertising built into its marketing plan from the start. Users will likely share content with their networks that is relevant to the business. These users can also easily find a channel for them to voice their opinions about the product.

Influencer Marketing

To make this work, you will need a small team to help you develop the campaign and handle social media. You can hire an outside firm to handle everything, but it may be better for you to hire an influencer yourself to focus on influencer marketing. Hiring a firm will free up your time and give you more time to focus on building out your campaign. They can add content to YouTube, for example, and use YouTubeStorm to boost results. When working with a firm, make sure they are willing to help you implement new strategies and expand on existing ones. Remember, these are big bucks for you and if you want to have an easy road ahead of you, do not shy away from adding in external help when building your campaign.

The Next Phase

In season two of your product launch, the hype has already been written for you. Your job is to craft an attention-grabbing campaign that still delivers something new and fresh to your audience. The key is to take a different approach to the hype. Although the first season’s product launch was about generating buzz, the second season’s must-do is to build trust and credibility.

Consistency Is Key

The most successful product launch marketing campaigns have a consistent theme. The theme is either centered around a core service or product, or it is a collection of smaller services or products all tied together under one theme. For example, My Little Pony is a pony show, but underneath that is a show about friendship. Therefore, each element of the campaign should be related to this theme. If you introduce the campaign without first building trust with your target audience, they may wonder about your motivations, so it is important that you all share the same goal for the campaign.


Another key takeaway from watching product launches is to look for trends. Trends are good indicators of what the public wants to buy. Product launches should always strive to build on trends, as they give you a chance to create a fresh new angle on your product. Look for ideas that will appeal to the general public and combine them with other proven tactics.


A product launch marketing plan should never leave you on the sidelines. Watching your competitors’ campaigns can help you see what mistakes were made and that opportunities lie ahead. By following their strategies, you can avoid making the same mistakes and ensure that you do not lag behind your competitors. Take advantage of what the trendiest companies are doing to put yourself in a position to win over your niche before your competitors do.