Product Launch Marketing Plan

A product launch strategy is a written list of activities, tactics, and plans that a business uses to launch its new product in the marketplace. The product launch strategy also includes planning, beta testing, and user onboarding. The product launch strategy should have three primary elements: a clear mission statement, a product concept or idea, and a business plan. There are many other items that could be included in a product launch strategy, but these three main elements are essential. Without these three elements, a product launch will be much less successful.

Controlled Launch

The product launch marketing plan will cover all of the activities and tasks necessary to promote a new product in a controlled and planned fashion. This is done using advertising, promotional activities, sales, and marketing channels. Some companies use one channel and leave other channels out. Others may use several marketing channels and leave out some marketing channels while completely ignoring some other channels.

When developing your product launch marketing strategy, you will need to decide whether you will launch your product using traditional advertising methods, social media, or a combination of all of these different marketing channels. You should discuss with your marketing team the best way to approach each of these different marketing options. If you decide to go with advertising, you will want to build a strong email marketing plan that targets your audience and offers the best return on investment for your advertising budget. Your product launch marketing plan should include a comprehensive list of the type of ads you will run, how often, and what type of message you want to communicate.

Social Media

If you decide to launch your product using social media, the marketing plan should consider the importance and role of social media in your overall strategy. Use SpotifyStorm to boost social media marketing efforts. Consider the number of people who have already purchased your product through social media. You also need to research what types of social media are most likely to attract your target audience. These social marketing channels could include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, and Forums.

Your marketing strategy will include building product awareness. This is the process by which you gain a solid reputation within your industry and convince potential customers to buy your products. For example, if you own an online business selling medical supplies, you might consider launching an ad during a television show that features a doctor. This advertisement would emphasize to the viewer that your business is always looking out for their best interests. Your product launch will be a major event and should be promoted in-person, on television, or online.

Build Brand Recognition

You can also take advantage of social media to build brand recognition as well as customer loyalty. For example, if you offer yoga training services, you could create a blog and schedule email marketing campaigns to notify potential customers about your new site. A blog can generate plenty of traffic to your site and you will gain valuable backlinks from successful blogs. In addition, you may want to consider hiring a social media consultant who can assist you with creating a comprehensive social media marketing plan for your product launch. Another way to build brand recognition is to let a digital marketing agency provide SEO, link building, social media management, PPC, SMM and web development services.

Another important component of your product launch marketing plan is the creation of a compelling product narrative. The product narrative is the story telling method that ultimately convinces prospects to make a purchase decision. A good product narrative starts with a statement that is compelling enough to make your prospect interested, then goes into the benefits of purchasing your product. If you have a good product narrative, it will encourage prospects to take action and you will have achieved the ultimate goal of gaining sales.


Finally, you must carefully plan out your distribution plan. When a product has been launched, the first place most entrepreneurs look is their network of contacts. However, your network of contacts should not just be comprised of current clients; rather, it should include potential prospects. You must create a distribution plan to ensure that you reach all of your target audiences. The distribution plan does not include pushing your product to every visitor within your online marketing efforts, but rather provides you with targeted distribution to your target audiences.