How To Clean Air Conditioners Like A Pro?

Your outdoor air conditioning unit has been sitting outside this whole time, collecting a year’s worth of dirt and debris around its cooling fins. Air conditioners unit has become a big part of our daily lifestyle. It makes our home an oasis of relaxation. And over time, when you notice the team is working hard to achieve the same level of cooling as once it did. It would help if you understood it’s time to clean it before things turn into a mess. 

Cleaning an air conditioner is a critical task. It is essential, too, as it keeps your system healthier for longer. 

With some time, patience and precision, you can clean the air conditioner like a pro. However, opting for professional air conditioning service in Adelaide is advisable for betterment. 

Getting back to the topic, let’s take a look at the steps that would help you clean your air conditioner unit. 

How To Clean Your AC Unit Inside

  • Before starting with the cleaning process, make sure you turn off the power at your breaker box. An air conditioner has a lot of moving parts. Hence doing so is extremely necessary because safety is paramount. 
  • Depending upon the unit you have, you might have to remove the foil duct tape, to reach out to the blower unit. It is the door to the evaporator coil which is to be cleaned. 
  • Once you are done opening the blower, use a soft brush to clean the dust from the coil. Since the dust might contain pollen, make sure to wear a mask if you are prone to allergies.
  • Cleaning the coil means you are almost done with the cleaning. And to complete the rest, all you need is to clean out the drain pan. Use soap and hot water to do so. You can even mix bleach with water in a 1:1 ratio to ensure no algae is stuck to the pan. 
  • Make sure to put an AC drain pan tablet to keep your drain away from growing algae for a longer-term. 
  • After completing all the processes, reattach the access panel and tape it well. 

How To Clean Your AC Unit Outside

Cleaning the outside portion of an AC unit is much more laborious than cleaning the interior section. It is because the exterior part is exposed to various elements, which makes it get dirty quickly. 

  • Once again, before starting the cleaning process, make sure you turn off the power. 
  • Next, you need to remove the sheet metal screws and lift the fan unit and grille. Since most ints have enough slack in the wires, you need not disconnect them to clean them up.
  • Depending upon the unit, the amount of debris accumulated in the bottom will be varying. You can scoop the waste out with your hands or use a vacuum to get it all out. 
  • After removing the debris, you need to clean the AC condenser coil. You will need a coil cleaning solution to clean this portion. Since the solution is extremely acidic and can cause burns, hiring an Electrician in Adelaide is suitable. 
  • Bend fins often reduce airflow, so make sure you check this aspect too. 
  • After replacing or repairing the bend fins, replace the fan cage and affix it to the unit as per the requirement. 


Cleaning an air conditioner at home can be a cumbersome process. It requires knowledge and techniques about these machines. You can get stuck at any point if you don’t have the know-how of the system. So, if you find the process complicated or don’t want to risk the functioning to save some additional dollars, opt for an air conditioning service in Adelaide today.