6 Misconceptions Sydneysiders Need To Learn About Porcelain Veneers

Out of the 5,367,206 residents of Sydney, you should know that at least half of them suffer from severe teeth problems that make their lives difficult. In addition, you can find that Sydneysiders experience some of the worst teeth problems like cavities, toothaches, cracked teeth, and dislodged teeth. 

Most teeth problems mentioned above can be quickly resolved by getting the most refined porcelain veneers in Sydney can provide. However, others might not want to get porcelain veneers because of the many misconceptions surrounding them. If you still believe some of the myths, you should learn about the real truths behind them. 

The procedure Hurts

One well-known myth surrounding dental veneers is that the entire procedure will be painful and that a cosmetic dentist from Sydney will never use anaesthetics. That is wrong because professional cosmetic dentists will always apply anesthesia on the patient before the dental veneer procedure, making it painless for them. 

Your Front Teeth Only Need Veneers

Another misconception you may have heard in Sydney about porcelain veneers is that only your front teeth require them. That is untrue because porcelain veneers can also be applied to the hidden areas like premolars, molars and even the deepest parts of your bottom teeth. 

Anyone Will Notice Your Veneers

Some people think that there is no use in getting the best porcelain veneers in Sydney has to offer because people will still be able to notice them. However, you can find that has never been the case because porcelain veneers were made to look like your natural teeth. Due to technological advancements, cosmetic dentists can mimic a patient’s entire teeth and create veneers out of the outline, ensuring that no one can notice them even when they stand near the person. 

Veneers Only Work As A Cosmetic Enhancement

While it may be true that Sydneysiders getting porcelain veneers only use it for cosmetic purposes, they also have another purpose, and that is to protect your teeth. So not only will you be getting a perfect smile, but you will also protect your teeth from the food you eat. Note that porcelain veneers have high durability and strength, so you should have no worries about getting your natural teeth damaged. 

Veneers will Change Your Natural Teeth’s Entire Appearance

Some Sydneysiders are afraid of getting dental veneers because of the myth that cosmetic dentists will change the natural teeth’s appearance. However, it should not be a problem because your cosmetic dentist will only file down a small portion of your teeth to ensure the porcelain veneers fit perfectly. The filing will be so minimal that you will not even notice any significant changes in your natural teeth. 

You Need Multiple Visits To Install The Porcelain Veneers

Sometimes, Sydney residents do not have the time to keep visiting a cosmetic dentist because they have other important things to do. One misconception that might be preventing you from getting porcelain veneers is that it will require you to take multiple visits to your cosmetic dentist to have them placed. You can find that it is untrue because you can have them installed in a single appointment, and you only have to do regular checkups to preserve and keep them properly maintained. 

Since you now know the truths behind the several misconceptions about porcelain veneers, do not waste time and find a cosmetic dentist to get them!