5 Different Types of Mobile App Testing

With time the use of mobile apps has become quite common among people these days. It is all because of the change in the technology around the people. According to trusted studies, billions of people actively use the different types of mobile applications that help do a lot of work. Without the use of the apps, the digital transformation is not complete. Most of the apps are used for communications, social media, and gaming purposes. So, no developer can just launch the app in the market without testing it. There is a proper requirement of the app testing that needs to be done timely.

Mobile App Testing

With time, even many tests need to be undertaken before launching the mobile in the market. Here is the list of different mobile app testing.

  • Functional testing: This is the type of testing that is conducted to test the functionality of the solution provided for a problem. It will ensure that all the work that needs to be done by the app is done according to the defined requirements. It will check the installation and running of the app. It will also have a proper track of the updates of the app.
  • Performance testing: It is the type of mobile app testing that will determine the stability and also determine the app’s performance. This will reduce the consumption of different operations under different conditions and also verify the response time of the different requests done to the app. Even the app behaviour is analysed on the different grounds of the working. It will help in determining the long-time operability of the average load on the app and check how it works.
  • Usability testing: It is the type of mobile app test that determines the software behaviour. In this, the tests of the data usage, space usage, and even the battery usage are done. It will help in providing a better experience to the people and also verify layout, size, look, logic navigation, work multitasking mode, speed of response, etc.
  • Compatibility testing: In this type of test, the mobile app needs to undergo the situation and perform tasks that will verify the performance of the app with mobile platforms and networks. The different other types of the test included in this is device are configuration testing, cross-browser testing, database testing, network configuration testing, etc.
  • Security testing: The major concern for most people is security. So, every app before introducing in the market needs to be undertaken by security testing. It will reveal all the possible gaps and risks in the mobile app working. According to the reports, certain measures can be taken to overcome them. It will verify logins and passwords, cookies, file caching, encryption systems and protects against attacks.

All these are certain mobile app testing that every person needs to undergo before launching them in the market. It will provide all the necessary details that can be fixed to enhance the overall experience of the person that uses the app.

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