10 Best Logo Design Software Program

Freelogo makersare a great choice but most of the time they just hand you over designs simple on their own. You do not need to think and you will get amazing designs in your hands in minutes. For those who wish to rely on their creativity to design unique logos, premium logo design apps are a much better option.

Here are the best free and premium logo design softwares that you can choose from-

Here is a List of 10 Best Logo Design Software Program

1. Designhill Logo Maker

Logo designing has become even much simpler and quick with Designhill logo maker. You can create splendid logo designs with this AI-powered tool in as little as 5 minutes. This tool is great for beginners and non designers who wish to create amazing logos in minutes.

In this tool, you enter your business details, pick a range of colours,  designs that suit you the most, symbols or icons, etc. Then the logo maker toolcreates bespoke designs based on your preferences. You can choose any of the designs and even customize them if you wish. Designhill wants a one time fee of £50 to let you download and own your logo. It also offers brochure design, packaging design, email signature generator, and much more.

2. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator has been one of the leading vector editors in the designing market for decades. This tool is not just for logo creation but to create posters, illustrations, website layouts, icons, and much more. However, this amazing tool is best if used by professional designers owing to the steep learning curve.

With Adobe Illustrator, you can create unique designs based on your creativity. It is equipped with plenty of amazing features and thus charges well too. The prices start at $9.99 per month for creative cloud photography and the price rises with features.

3. Canva Logo Maker

Some tools are only of use if you are a professional but unlike them, Canva is the best tool for novice designers. Canva logo maker has easy to use and friendly user interface and uses a drag and drop interface for designing.

There are plenty of pre-designed logo templates available on this tool. You can select one that fits your needs and then customize it as per your wish. You can tweak elements like icons, symbols, colors, text, font size, typography, etc, and create a unique design. The completed designs can be downloaded in png, jpeg, or pdf formats. The prices are $9.95 per month for Canva Pro and $30 per month for Canva Enterprise.

4. Looka

With a worthy product like a business name generator tool, Looka has AI-powered logo design software that offers over 300 logo design templates to create amazing logos. There are a huge amount of designing and customization features available to alter colors, symbols, icons, text, fonts, layouts, etc.

The designs are simple but quite appealing when designed with Looka. You can download a good range of files in PNG images and vector files. You can take things up a notch and use Looka’s brand kit tools to create social media assets, business cards, websites, flyers, etc. The prices begin at 3.99 per month.

5.  Tailor Brands Logo Maker

 The next premium logo Maker on our list is the Tailor Brands Logo Maker. For people who lack a creative bone in their bodies, this logo maker is one of the best choices for you.

You need to type your logo in words first of all and then choose typography for your logo. Once you are done, the AI tool offers a selection of logos based on your design choices. If you like any, you can go ahead, customize it and download it in an SVG or EPS file.

6.  ICONA Logo Maker

ICONA logo maker is a paid-for app for iPhones and iPad that costs $1.99. This logo design software is quite sophisticated one. There are more than a million customizable designs available along with 350k+ image backgrounds and custom hues.

You can select any logo design and customize it according to the business needs. There are advanced controls like smart layering, fill and stroke coloring, solid and gradient coloring, type kerning and leading, and more.

7. Logo Design Studio Pro Online

Although this logo design software has pro in its name it isn’t best for professional designers. It is much more similar to Canva in the designing part. This tool has a simple user interface which is great for amateur designers to create designs easily.

Logo design studio pro online has loads of included assets like templates, graphics, hundreds of licensed fonts, etc which are of great use. In case you have to create plenty of logo designs you can buy the subscription and begin readily.

8. Shopify Logo Maker

Shopify logo maker can be considered one of the best free logo design softwares available to designers. Shopify is a paid platform to build your own ecommerce website but Shopify  is totally free of cost for anyone. It is available on browsers. iOS and android free of cost.

First, you need to answer a series of questions regarding your business and design style that you’re looking for. The software generates a series of logo designs in about a minute. Then you can select what appeals you the most and customize the design for your use.

9. Squarespace Logo Generator

As compared to other logo makers on this list, Squarespace logo creator is a very basic logo maker that creates logos quickly. You just have to tell the name of your business to this browser based app and the tool will generate logos for you. You can select symbols and icons to customize your logo for better. There is much more to do on a logo but if you are looking for simple design then this is enough.

10. Ucraft

Some designers might find creating a logo from scratch better than choosing logo design templates. Ucraft offers a free logo maker that allows you to create designs just from the beginning. You have to type the text, select the size, style, fonts, then add shapes. Icons, etc. to it.

You can download the png version of the logo from this easy to use and simple user interface logo maker