Virtual Fitting Room Transforming The Retail Industry

Finding the right clothes can be challenging at times as sometimes the size might be a fit but not the color or the color is suitable, but the size is not ideal. In addition, there is a limit to the number of clothes we can try before finding that ideal fit as this process can get both time-consuming and energy-intensive.  

Virtual Fitting Rooms: What Are They? 

But what if we say that there is a way through which one can try on as many clothes as they want in no time, and without much effort? That way is called virtual fitting rooms where customers can experience augmented reality clothing fitting from the comfort of their homes. 

Virtual fitting rooms can show a customer how they would look in any particular item of clothing, be it a dress or a garment or anything else for that matter. Businesses in the fashion industry are leveraging the virtual fitting room technology to provide their customers with an augmented reality clothing fitting for a better experience. But why? Let us find out.

Perks Of Using Virtual Fitting Rooms

There are many reasons why businesses are providing their customers with the experience of virtual fitting rooms, and these benefits work great for both the business and its customers. Therefore, let us take a look at some of these benefits.  

  1. Enhance Brand Exposure: It is no longer a secret that a clothing brand using augmented reality clothing fitting to provide their customers with a better experience tends to get more attention on different social media platforms. 

These different augmented reality tools tend to motivate customers to try out the new features and share their experiences online. This enables businesses to drive accelerated growth and attract new customers to the business.    

  1. Diminishing Returns Of Purchases: As more and more customers are using virtual fitting rooms to try out their clothes before buying the product, the number of return orders is steeply declining. This is great for online stores as these businesses have lost some significant amount of revenue in trying to please customers with robust return policies. 

However, now when customers can use virtual fitting rooms to see if their clothes fit and suit them appropriately, there is no requirement to return these items. This way, augmented reality or AR has helped both businesses and customers, making this technology great for both.

  1. Personalization: When shopping from a conventional market, a customer has to rely on someone else from the shop to assist them. As seen in many cases, these assistants can be either annoying, pushy or even over-enthusiastic. On top of that, we must forget about the ongoing pandemic that restricts all of us from coming in physical contact with anyone and practise social distancing at all times. 

However, augmented reality with virtual fitting rooms offers the ideal solution for this issue. This technology is equipped with capabilities to remember our preferences and guide us around without being pushy or annoying. 

Final Thoughts

Virtual fitting rooms and augmented reality are here for the long haul, and it is just a matter of timer before all businesses start leveraging these technologies. This will be great for both buyers and sellers in the market as they can both benefit from this technological advancement.