Augmented Reality Virtual Try-On: The New Experience!

Augmented reality literally translates to a better reality, and to some extent, it does offer us an enhanced virtual reality. Virtual try-on clothes or any other try-on functionality is powered by augmented reality, enabling it to drastically change the online clothes shopping experience. Now customers can try out the products virtually before actually placing an order for the platform.

However, augmented reality is not just used for selling clothes anymore. Numerous businesses are experimenting with this technology to ensure that this technology is not just limited to the virtual try-on clothes facility. 

Therefore, here in this post, we’re going to look at different types of businesses that can use or are already using augmented reality virtual try-on features. 

Areas Where Augmented Reality Virtual Try-On Is A Hit 

  1. Makeup Businesses: Makeup businesses are one the first to realize and leverage the potential of virtual reality. There are many businesses found online that now use this technology to provide customers with a virtual mirror where one can try out different shades of lipsticks or eye shadows virtually. This cutting-edge technology uses the front camera of the user’s phone to show their face on the screen in real-time. This enables customers to experiment with different shades and find the ideal one without any hassle. 
  1. Businesses Selling Sunglasses: Finding the right sunglasses right from the comfort of our homes has not been this easy ever before. All thanks to the augmented reality try-on technology enables customers to try out the sunglasses virtually before actually buying it. Numerous businesses online are leveraging this technology to deliver a much-enhanced sunglass shopping experience to their customers. Furthermore, it is very easy to try this feature on differently as all one needs to do is select the product, in this case, the sunglass, and see how it would look on us. 
  1. Electronics And Appliances Business: This might come as a shock to most of us, but in reality, there are already many websites that use augmented reality to sell their products. How? Businesses are attempting to demonstrate different electronic products, including wearables, laptops, fridges, and more. This works because customers can now get an enhanced idea of how the product would feel or look in reality by simulating the entire scenario with augmented reality. For instance, suppose someone is buying a fridge but is not sure about their size. Therefore, one can use augmented reality to better understand the size and make a better buying decision.
  1. Clothing Brands: As we already know, the clothing industry has benefited the most from this technology for many different reasons. The first reason is that customers can try out their clothes virtually, all thanks to virtual try-on clothes.  Secondly, businesses are no longer required to deal with too many returns as customers order the products after getting an enhanced understanding of the feel and fit of every clothing product that they buy. Lastly, augmented reality has helped clothing businesses to increase sales significantly.

Concluding Thoughts

Some of the most commonly known businesses and industries are smart and agile enough to identify an opportunity and make the most of it. Therefore, every business must show the same level of agility in adopting new technology and stimulating the business’s growth.