Virtual Clothing Try-On: The Evolving Fashion Trend

Online shopping is the new normal for both buyers and sellers as they are far more convenient and time-efficient as compared to traditional marketing. One of the main industries that have benefited from online shopping platforms is our fashion industry, all because the buyers in the industry are agile enough to adapt and leverage new technologies.

The latest development to enhance customers’ online shopping experience buying clothes and apparel from the internet is the virtual clothing try-on feature. This cutting-edge feature has helped businesses in many different ways, especially in these difficult times of the pandemic. 

Therefore, let us take an enhanced look at what the virtual clothing try-on feature is all about. 

What is Virtual Try-On?

Virtual try-on is one of the latest cutting-edge solutions that enable customers to try on different clothing products virtually to get an idea of what the product would look like on them. This is made possible by leveraging the enhanced capabilities of augmented reality or AR. Therefore, now customers can use their phones’ cameras to try a wide range of items, including lipsticks, sunglasses, shoes, and of course clothing items.

What Are The Benefits Of Virtual Try-Ons For Businesses?

Ever since this technology was first introduced, businesses of different scales and industries were never shy to leverage this technology to enhance their business results. But who can blame them because any business will use such technologies to get these exceptional benefits that include:  

  1. Increase In Online Sales: Most customers still opt for online mediums to purchase different kinds of products. This trend has now reached new heights, all thanks to the enhanced capabilities of virtual clothing try-on

Studies on the subject show that 61% of online customers prefer buying clothing items from stores that offer virtual try-on.

  1. Reduced Returns: The other way augmented reality (AR) has helped businesses online is that it has reduced the number of product returns significantly. This product returns issue has been an expensive headache for numerous retailers spread across different locations worldwide. 

However, the advent of the try-on feature has helped reduce the number of returns significantly as customers can now better understand the product’s features before buying it.

  1. More Value For Customers: Augmented Reality or AR has been a boon for businesses and their customers as well. Most people shopping for products online now say that AR has helped them save a lot of time while making any purchase-related decision. 

Basically, customers can now eliminate or at least reduce the guesswork from their purchase decision. Furthermore, this has allowed customers to experiment with different colors and sizes.

  1. Increased Desire To Purchase: AR has helped greatly enhance the customer’s desire to purchase a product from the platform. The main reason behind this is that customers are now more engaged with the purchases and business. Furthermore, this has also helped businesses increase their conversion rates simultaneously.

Final Thoughts

Technology is changing almost everything these days and making things much easier for both businesses and customers. Augmented reality is one such technology that is already helping businesses grow and thrive while ensuring that this trend will continue to move in an upwards trajectory for a long time.