How to Detect Fraud and Identity Theft

If you want to protect your business from digital frauds, it is time to think about the installation of a fraud detection system. The choice of such an anti-fraud solution is a good idea because it allows preventing a fraud.

Thus, due to the installed fraud prevention platform you can recognize a fraud immediately and neutralize the fraudster in time. So, with a fraud detection system you are free from the elimination of the consequences of digital frauds.

Such a detection system implies the use of a risk management software program. A risk management software is an analytical tool, which helps IT-specialists to control all processes and make forecasts for possible risks and crises.  

How to Check Fraud in Time and Save the Business?  

The best way to check fraud in time is to use the anti-fraud program provided by a company, which specializes in this niche. 

One of the most famous anti-fraud companies on the USA and European market is Covery.

The corporation is based in Europe but provides its service online as well, so, it helps to check fraud clients from all over the world. 

The popularity of the company is explained by the multiplicity of offered services, which are used to check fraud and protect your business. So, provides the following check fraud methods:

  • Trustchain. This service helps to check fraud by reducing the number of bots up to 40%. 
  • Device fingerprintingThis unique technology collects users’ gadget data. If you choose device fingerprinting, you can protect yourself from identity theft, bot attack, fraud traffic, personal account takeover, etc.
  • Machine learning. This service is great for all merchants as it is perfect to assure a safe sale funnel. The technology helps to analyze different connections. 
  • KYB, AML, and KYC programs. The most popular verification virtual services in the world. They are used to check fraud and prevent the identity theft.
  • Chargeback prevention. This technology is a necessity in the trading sphere. Chargeback prevention protects the selling process from fraudulent disputes, which helps to avoid losses.

Due to the provided risk management software system over 300 million risks were prevented.