5 Biggest Challenges with Scheduling Rooms for Hybrid Workspaces

Hybrid Workspaces

Modern workplaces have employees working both remotely and physically. This becomes possible thanks to hoteling systems, which allow a wide degree of flexibility for both employers and employees.

That said, mix-ups and issues can still happen, especially when work is hectic. This makes an office seat reservation system an essential tool in every manager’s arsenal when ensuring productivity in the office. 

This article will discuss the following:

  • What’s in a hybrid work setting
  • The biggest challenges with meeting room scheduling
  • How desk management systems can optimize your workplace

What’s in a Hybrid Work Setting?

While it’s become more popular recently, a hybrid work setting combines physical and remote work. Employees get to choose to work, whether remotely or in the office, on certain days. 

This kind of work setting often allows employees to make work more flexible for their schedule. For many workers, achieving a work-life balance is now more feasible. Surveys also show increased productivity among these said workers. 

Additionally, it also allows companies to have a smaller office footprint. It is beneficial for smaller companies with limited real estate. Various software, like video conferencing tools and cloud-based storage apps, all help in workplace optimization. 

The best hybrid work models are tailored for a company’s specific needs, especially in the case of live events. However, they also pose their challenges.  

5 Biggest Challenges with Meeting Room Scheduling

There are various challenges any office faces in a hybrid work setting. However, the biggest ones often revolve around allocating space. When left unaddressed, they can easily cost the company precious time and resources.

This is because proper scheduling is key to maintaining a hybrid workplace. You’re likely to come across these challenges when it comes to scheduling

Overlapping schedules 

Different teams and different departments will book rooms at some point for face-to-face meetings. However, issues can happen when various departments need to hold meetings at the same time. 

The good news is that scheduling software with Outlook integration is an excellent tool for addressing this. Teams can reserve rooms in advance and see who else is booking a specific room, which minimizes these issues.

Room booking imbalance

Are some rooms booked more frequently than others? Are specific desks lying idly while employees race to reserve the best desks as soon as they’re open?

If this is the case, a desk booking app with integration can go a long way. Because they can generate detailed analytics on room usage, you can use the data to improve your current workspaces.

Simply having the data generated by booking software is a critical step in workspace optimization. 

Inadequate resources

When transitioning to a hybrid workspace, office managers can sometimes find this glaring problem. 

However, knowing is already half the battle. A good booking software will come with integration features that can generate detailed reports on room usage. With this data, managers can know which rooms are being used for which purposes.

With an office seat reservation system, managers also know who is booking the rooms and increase resources as needed. 

Ghost bookings

One of the worst things that can happen is seeing a booked room sitting empty. Ghost bookings, or no-shows, take up precious time and space, especially when other teams need to hold meetings.  

While no one is immune to making mistakes, it’s crucial to catch them quickly. The excellent news is managers can set desk reservation apps to have a grace period. This allows them to clear empty rooms so other employees can use them. 

Security issues

Security issues can also come with room scheduling. However, an office seat reservation system can also offer consistent security solutions to ensure a smooth booking experience. 

For instance, IT teams and managers can assign unique passwords and accounts for employees. With desk booking software, they can also monitor foot traffic and know where employees are at all times. 

How Room Booking Systems Can Help You Manage Your Workspace

At its core, room booking apps let people reserve rooms in advance. However, they are versatile and can be customized to include various features. Depending on your needs, you may need scheduling software with Outlook integration to produce detailed reports on demand.

DeskFlex helps with all of this to optimize your workplace. However, it doesn’t stop there. To know more, reach out today to find out how we provide quality hoteling software that suits your needs.