How to Pick a Coworking Space For Your Startup

Every single day, startups are looking for a place to call their own. They need the perfect location, one with high-speed internet and other amenities that will make their business run smoothly. If you’re reading this, then it might be possible you’re scouting for a place too, so here are some things to consider before choosing an office!

1. Start with your budget

Startup companies need a place that is both affordable and customizable. A cheap price tag might seem good initially, but it could be a sign of low-quality construction with fewer amenities. This can backfire on your business because you will have to deal with poor internet service, limited access hours, or small common areas.

2. Choose your location wisely

Remember how I said previously startup companies need an accessible location with high-speed internet? That’s true…However, there is more that goes into picking a place beside these two crucial factors! There are plenty of other things that play into where your business should set up shop. This is an essential step in finding a good startup office space in Singapore.

For example, if most of your clients are in the city, find a coworking space that is centrally located. But if you’re targeting a more suburban demographic, it might make sense to choose an office outside of the city. You’ll also want to consider the surrounding businesses and how they could either help or hinder your company.

3. Consider your team size

As your team grows, so will your need for space. Pick a coworking space that can accommodate your current and future team sizes. Many spaces offer different membership plans that allow for more or fewer people on-site at once, so it’s important to do your research!

4. Reevaluate your needs

As you grow, so will your company’s needs. It’s important to choose a flexible coworking space that can adapt to your business as it changes over time. This means choosing an office with customizable furniture, open layout spaces and locations that allow for easy expansion if the need arises!

5. Ask lots of questions!

It’s never too early to ask questions about how your office will be managed or run day-to-day. You’ll want to know things like who manages the common areas, how often they are cleaned, whether they offer many other services (like printing), and their policies for subleasing? These are all important factors that should be clarified before signing a lease!

How to Pick a Coworking Space For Your Startup 1

6. Tour the space!

Last but not least, be sure to take a tour of the space before making your final decision. This will allow you to see if everything I’ve said above is true and allows you to meet the team who will be helping run your office. They might have some great tips on how to make the most of your membership!

When scouting for a coworking space, always keep in mind that the best one is the one that fits your business needs. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and take advantage of their free trial periods so you can be sure it’s the right fit!

7. Trust your gut

In the end, it’s important to go with your gut feeling when choosing a coworking space. If something doesn’t feel quite right, chances are it isn’t the right place for your business. So take your time, ask lots of questions and visit as many spaces as possible before deciding!